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Thread: Help please - what's going wrong?

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    Had a bit of a wallowing-in-self-pity day (or three) but have decided to try and fix what's wrong instead of continuing to sulk, or worse...!

    In summary, I've been here a few months now.

    I work on a farm, which provides the "moving slowly" and "lifting heavy things". Chasing livestock provides the sprints!

    I've varied my strictness from 100g of carbs down to 10 or so; I've tried cutting out nightshades and dairy; I tend to eat more meat than vegetables.

    I'm not taking a regular "20% cheat" but I have had odd days of stuffing my face. Ironically enough, even these piggy days are still under 200g carbs!

    An average of November on Fitday gives:

    Calories 1763

    Fat 119.6g (61%)

    Protein 100.6g (23%)

    Carb 71.2g (16%) (my piggy days have bumped up the average here, but 16% of total calories is still low, and 71g is still in the "weightloss range" for PB)

    This amount of calories *should* cause weight loss even on a CW-diet!

    All this, plus IFs.... and I haven't lost an ounce of my excess 2 stone (24 lbs)!!!

    I have hormonal imbalances, which is a catch-22 as being overweight makes it worse, yet it hinders weightloss.

    I'm struggling to keep my hopes up, as I want to be able to show off fantastic reesults to people who question what I'm doing...I must confess to a touch of the green-eyed monster when I see how everyone else is doing (I am honestly so so pleased for everyone, but there is also the inner petulant child whinging "what about meeeeeeee")

    Finishing on a happy note, I am unquestionably stronger and healthier as a whole.

    But still....

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    Sorry you're having trouble

    Your ratio's seem good. Have you lost any inches?

    I guess I'd probably key in on the hormonal issues. I was reading more about this the other day in Dr.Eades "6-week cure". At least for some...even with all the right food ratio's, if something is very off hormonally, or with the thyroid gland, for example, losing weight can be very difficult. Would you be able to get tested incl. for iodine deficiency?

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    It's worth a try I guess.

    My last blood tests, everything came back normal apart from mild anaemia. Mind you, for the NHS "normal" usually means "not immediately fatal"!

    (I'm not knocking the system - it's just designed for acute illnesses, not chronic).

    I do supplement vit D (5000IU/day, recently up to 10000IU due to feeling a cold coming on / winter daylight hours) and occasional omega 3, depending what kind of meat/fat I'm eating.

    Inches...well, have lost about a cm from waist since I recently started measuring. Overall I've maybe lost 1-2 inches from waist. But I think this is mainly from the lack of carb-bloating/water retention.

    One idea is that if I've lost 1lb fat, I've gained 1lb muscle (especially biceps lol). But it would only be ONE lb - small scale stuff.

    I will get a Dr appointment booked and see what blood tests I can get - hopefully I can get some interpretation of the results from you lovely people might take a few months though!

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    Bummer! I'm in the same boat as you. I've been primal for close to 5 months now and haven't lost anything wegh- or inches-wise. However, I do feel stronger and healthier. I figured that when I rationalize the types of foods I eat these days I'd rather take my health over slender body, so I'm OK with not loosing anything. I do feel like a freak of nature since so many posters here post about great success since going Primal

    How tall are you, btw?

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    You're so right, I'd rather have a healthy pot-belly than be skinny fat!

    But my symptoms are still present i.e. I'm not truly healthy yet.

    I'm 5'2" on a good day!

    In another thread, there was a link from I think OTB, that calculated LBM, BMI, etc etc...

    anyway, if it helps then those figurs are *drumroll*

    weight- 141 lbs

    waist 32 inches

    hips 41 inches

    BMI 25.8

    wasit:height ratio 0.52

    % body fat 37.2%

    LBM 88.5 lbs

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    Same here I echo CC69's thoughts. Then again, I have my 20% now and then. But I'm sure my carbs average to less than 100. If it's any consolation, I've gained 5 lbs since I started PB WOE. I'm 5'0" and weigh 120 lbs. But like CC69, I'm not going to worry too much about it and just make sure that my 20% is few and far in between. Good luck!

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    Seems like a few people in the same boat. Here's a couple of items I've seen pop up on various sites and books regarding breaking stalls. Not condoning one method or the other...just summarizing some stuff I've seen. You might have to experiment with yourself to see what works:

    Foods that can (potentially) cause stalls depending on your individual sensitivity:

    Aspartame (diet soft drinks, most artificially-sweetened items)

    Dairy/Cheese (esp. if casein-intolerant)




    Sugar Alcohols

    Cottage Cheese

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Dr. Eades talks more specifically about caffeine:

    Tests to get:

    1/ Fasting insulin - tests for hyperinsulinemia

    2/ High-sensitivity TSH - measures a brain-hormone linked to thyroid gland. Could help to indicate thyroid problems

    3/ Iodine saturation - to test for iodine levels

    4/ Estrogen levels - to test for any imbalance

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    Are you doing any strength training?

    Can you walk away from your workouts proud and know you worked as hard as you possibly could?

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    Thank you Nina

    Of that list, I have daily dairy (splash of milk in tea/coffee), caffeine (tea/ odd coffee).

    I only add salt to boiling veggies, but then again it's in bacon, sausagemeat etc.

    Nuts are rare because they trigger those piggy days!

    Only drink maybe once a month, if that.

    Can you remember what is said about Estrogen imnalances? There's my prime suspect!

    I really appreciate all your input.

    Pre-PB, I got to the stage of buying Reductil online and using it to severely drop calories. I found myself looking at the leftover packet yesterday....but I know it would do more harm than anything...

    EDIT - Hi Arthur I don't do specific workouts, just what my job involves. In terms of lifting, I carry things up to/just over my physical limit. E.g. a sack of feed, even if I have to pick up/put down a couple of times on the way.

    I have a bar in my flat that I attempt chin-ups on.

    Sprinting (read - chasing silly animals!!) is as fast as I can *safely* go in wellies, around rabbit holes! So probably not as fast as I could try on a track?

    I have been looking for something like a dance class, and am due to try a circuits training class next week - I'm not sure what that involves yet!

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    The work you are doing is great but I think your body is adapted to it (assuming you've been working there a while).

    It's time to switch it up.

    Get on a strength training program and go to a track and sprint... the dance class would be a fun addition too... gotta keep it fun to stay interested.

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