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Thread: Where do you buy your Grass-Fed meats, Better Chicken, etc.? SoCal

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    I'm NorCal, but I get mine from

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    I'm not from SoCal, but is there a Whole Foods near you? They've usually got grass fed. Otherwise, do a search for your town (or a nearby one if your town is small) and grass-fed meat.
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    Co-Opportunity in Santa Monica has real chicken. Other grass-fed meats can be found at Sprouts and/or Henry's.

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    Grass-fed meat at Whole Foods is probably the most ridiculously priced product they sell....and they sell a lot of pricey products.

    If you are going to make this happen for yourself you need to "reconnect with your food" which usually means networking with locals face to face and finding where they get theirs from.

    A good source for this will be your local Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. Just visit their website, find a local chapter meeting, show up and start making friends. Then ask where they get their meat/eggs/produce from and're in!

    It's kinda like being part of a secret society.

    Do whatever you can to get a chest freezer so you can buy in bulk and save. Half a cow will last a family of 5 the majority of the year unless they are eating exclusively beef. Once you buy in bulk like that, the average cost of grass-fed beef will come very close to what you pay for a pound-here/pound-there at the grocery store.
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    In SoCal (South Bay), Bristol Farms (Manhattan Beach) usually has some grass fed. Also, the Saturday farmers market in Torrance has some.
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