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Thread: weight loss frustration!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShannonPA-S View Post
    I do think the more messed up one's body, though, the more likely it is lying to you. My screwed up body used to crave fries and chips and such, which I knew was totally wrong.
    Exactly. I'm sure at some point, maybe a year or two from now, I'll be able to trust my cravings, but I know they're messed up for now.

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    I am just going to chime in. I am not a daily weigher, I am an every-other-day weigher. But, I recognize that One day the scale might say 283lbs and the next it might say 283.5. Does that mean I really gained instead of lost? No. The next time it might say 281lbs. Overall, if you see your weight going down you are on the right track. If you ate more salt the day before, you may be higher. If you are weighing yourself at a different time (or wearing something different) it may be higher.

    Small fluctuations are normal. They happen whether you are 300lbs or 130lbs. Don't beat yourself up over that, it will only make you feel bad and will not be in your benefit.

    In two weeks, you have lost 5lbs. That is awesome. That is 1.5% of your body weight! Gone! Never to return. In another two weeks, you will drop another 1.5% (assuming it doesn't accelerate). That will be a whopping 3%. That can have significant health benefits. Keep going. Cut out fruit for right now (the carbs are more than they are worth when we have so much to lose). Focus on eating protein and healthy fats.
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    And don't worry about gaining a little bit of weight. A minuscule gain or loss in weight doesn't necessarily mean you've gained or lost stored fat. You can gain weight--but not necessarily fat--by drinking water, wearing heavier clothes, having wet hair, anything you put in or on your body can be extra weight. It doesn't mean you're gaining fat. And even if you have gained fat, I've found that weight gained on the PB is easily lost. Last Sunday (not today), I weighed 155 pounds. The next three days, I suddenly shot back up five pounds! I was absolutely bewildered! I found out that my hormones went out of whack from a chocolate chip cookie I ate. The weight came off as fast as it packed on and I'm back at 155 pounds today.

    Don't be discouraged. You're still in your detox period any your body is going through a lot of changes. Some people see rapid, rapid weight loss the first couple weeks. I've seen a couple stories where really, really overweight people (usually men) lose a whopping 20 pounds in the first week. Everyone's different. I think five pounds is pretty great though.

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    One of the things Mark says in his book the Primal Blueprint is it takes around 2 weeks for the body to get used to using the fat as fuel...its not as efficient at it because its used to always using all that glucose that the carbs convert into. I would definitely recommend measuring yourself its not hard and than you have something else to go on.

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    First of all, Congrats! Second of all, I wouldn't stress about lower carb fruit if it keeps you sane, and you hit your goals. Berries are in season and are full of nutrients. Enjoy the actual BERRIES, and skip the pie, jam, bready/cakey things (shortcake) that go along with the summer's bounty. My kids will go berry picking and gorge on the berries and bring me home NOTHING! (and poop their brains out the next day LOL) But they will turn up their nose at pie or muffins..go figure! If you can fit whole fruit into your carb count, go for it.
    Veggies....fill up on veggies. If you need a starch fix, have a couple of sweet potatoes or beets. I recently had a killer craving for spinach, sweet potato and beets..and I literally could not eat half of what I prepared, they are so filling..different from the empty, processed food of our past. Make sure you get enough protein! I try to make a summertime habit of mixing up a protein shake each morning, simply because I do not eat enough in the summer hot/sticky months! ( I literally could live on berries and greens, but I like my endurance/stamina/musculature!)
    The scale is a beast..once a week is plenty...I only weigh myself in the morning, after the bathroom visit, but before the shower,,I refuse to weigh myself right now because I indulged recently (battered, fried delicious of course) and upset my tummy, gluten shock, and I am sure that, even though my calories are low, and my ratios are right on, that I am holding on to some know. And I gave up coffee last week. Ha! I will let my body sort itself out before I torment myself on the scale! Maybe I will pig out on the fresh picked berries, picked at the family Clamboil tomorrow! (today, east coast!)! Happy 4th! Keep up the great work!
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    Fat cells like to fill up with water when attacked. They often replace fat with water. For whatever reason (binge drinking), they'll all the sudden "swoosh" and release the water they absorbed upon getting over their fear of becoming smaller. With this in mind, it seems to me one could actually gain weight while losing fat and maintaining muscle. This might be bro-science, but I think I saw Lyle McDonald talk about it somewhere, and he's legit.

    Bro-science or otherwise, your bodyweight will fluctuate with water intake, diet, and hormonal cycle. Insulin promotes water retention, for example. I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff to think about there. There always is. You'd really have to have it all down to a science to really gain anything meaningful from the scale on a daily basis.

    A better measure might be to snap a pic of yourself every other morning ( I do it every morning, cause I like to look at myself). Or maybe just weigh yourself every couple of weeks.

    Best of luck. We're rooting for you.

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    Weight loss seems to be frustrated when we perform the dieting and exercising programs without the consistency. So we should perform all the tasks to loss the weight consistently.

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    I weight myself once a month on the same date, everything else just leads to too much frustration.
    For me, if I don't cut stalls my weight loss. So I typically only allow it on the weekends and keep it limited even then.

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    You didn't put on the weight overnight so you are not going to lose it in a short space of time. If you want to lose weight then counting calories is important. For your weight you should be eating Roughly 1625 calories per day and if you exercise this also accelerates the process. Hope this is of some help to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    Please read "Newbies: ditch the scale!" in the Meet and Greet section. The number on the scale is not the important part. The way you feel is the important part. You are also only two weeks in! Learn some patience.

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