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    Started with 17 day diet...BUST! Went to PB and LOVE IT! Questions though!

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    My husband and I started the 17 Day Diet which is a low carb, low fat diet. You change it up every 17 days incorporating more things. The first 17 days (which we only lasted about 14 of) you could only have certain veggies, lean turkey, lean chicken and some fish, a few kinds of fruit (before 2 pm) and fat free yogurt (gross). We were both exhausted and extremely grumpy! We did lose a good amount of weight though. I lost about 8 lbs in just 2 weeks. My husband found the Primal Blueprint book in the book store and he immediately bought it and we started on it the next day. We both have more energy, sleep better, and just feel much happier!
    I am struggling slightly though! I work in a child care facility with 1 year olds. It is a loud and stressful job. Imagine 10 toddlers all exploring and testing you at once! They eat every 2-3 hours and all of their snacks are CARBS! I work in the kitchen sometimes too and I realized I could have NOTHING except for frozen veggies and even that's not really good! I eat 3 eggs and some fruit at breakfast and then I am so hungry by about 11. Because I can't eat other food in front of the kids I can't eat till about 12 or 1 pm. About 2 hours after lunch I am hungry again! I am not allowed to bring NUTS or EGGS to work due to severe allergies of kids in my class. I have not been able to find jerky that is up to the PB standards so I try to snack on a little fruit (secretively). When I work in the kitchen it is still so hard and tempting not to eat the food we are throwing away. It is either all processed, canned or straight crackers and pretzels. BLECH!
    Including the 17 day diet I have now lost nearly 15 lbs and am getting a lot of compliments. My husband's blood pressure has gone down from hypertension to normal! 150's over 80's to 120's over 70's!!! Mine has gone to normal to very low normal. In 2 weeks we will both be getting our cholesterol checked. Mine has been high since childhood and his has been high the last few years as well.
    Any tips for the hunger??? Also, sometimes if I don't bring a protein with my lunch I am absolutely drained by 3 or 4 pm. With hardly enough energy to clean the room and go home and do dishes! Please help! Other wise, I LOVE THIS DIET!!!!

    Oh. And as far as excercise goes. We have been walking a lot more. When I do little tasks at work such as lifting children, carrying milk or buckets and just walking to different places I turn it into a mini workout! Curling milk cartons, doing push ups in nap rooms and sprinting in dark corridors of the church on my way somewhere. We have not really done the full out work outs though.

    Sorry it's so long!

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    My standard lunch is a large green salad with whatever kinds of other veggies added, and I chop up and add a whole avocado and a small tin of solid Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil just before eating. With a paring knife in my lunchbag, I can half the avocado, dice up the whole thing while in the shell and then scoop it out with a spoon into the salad. Very little mess. I dress the salad with fresh ground pepper and celery salt before I leave home. The creamy avocado and the olive oil do the rest of the dressing (I'm not fond of vinegary dressings, so that's enough for me.) It's very filling and satiating, keeps me going for hours. I might add a fruit or small yogurt, and tea. Would this work within your work restrictions?
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    my wife started the 17 day diet same day as i started PB. she has lost some weight which is good but shes to the point now she told me shes bored with her food choices. i have a feeling shes not going to stick with the diet very long. i really wanted her to do the PB with me but she thinks its a red meat diet and doesnt want to do any research into the science of it. i try to explain things to her but i dont think she gets it, or maybe simply doesnt believe it

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    It sounds like you are just not used to eating filling meals, which sounds silly but is pretty normal. Next time you cook your breakfast, imagine it's that last thing you'll put in your mouth for 8 hours. I know "3 eggs" is supposed to be a "heavy breakfast" but it's only a couple hundred calories. Eat 4-5 eggs if it will get you through to lunch, which you obviously need to pack. So, fill yourself up properly a couple or maybe three times a day, and forget about food in between times. It'll make life easier and also be better for you.
    Also, going PB sometimes people get strange, intense random hunger pangs (I did, just for the first month). Eat when you feel that coming on, if you can. Good luck!
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    i agree that the "big breakfast" thing is important...some people can skip bf entirely and be fine until lunchtime, but many (myself included) need to eat!

    what works for me is lots of fat and protein, and NO starches or sugars in the morning. i usually do 3-4 eggs scrambled w/ a tbsp of butter, eaten w/ salsa and 1/2 an avocado or so. and there's always just bacon and eggs, of course (or chorizo and eggs...yum!). anyway, i know i absolutely cannot do carbs in the morning, for whatever reason. i've tried doing potato hash or eating some fruit with my bf, but i always ALWAYS get hungry a short time later...don't know why, but maybe that fruit in the morning causes blood sugar spikes, who knows.

    anyway, it sounds like you're doing really, really well! congrats on the weight loss, and keep us posted!

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    As a former daycare worker, I sympathize with you on the overabundance of goldfish crackers. I still can't stand the smell of goldfish.

    You might want to go with Loco Moco's suggestions, as well as maybe add some other type of meat in the morning like bacon or ham. Eating more meat at night might help, too, as I seem to wake up not terribly hungry now when I've had a good primal dinner. Additional high fat things like avocado and coconut might also help.

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    Up your fat- add some full-fat Greek yogurt with no sugar or flavorings to your breakfast, or as a snack (add some fruit if you want).
    Coconut bark- there's a few recipes floating around.

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    Agree on no starches with breakfast if you can eat for a while. They just make you hungry sooner. I can't eat anything but snacks until I'm done with my route at work, and snacking on anything more than just a bite at a time can do a number on my stomach (imagine stuffing your face and then working out).

    Stick to things like eggs and meats in the morning, then you can snack on pork rinds, shredded unseetened coconut, some sliced deli meat (check the ingredients carefully, though), maybe a few olives...
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    Hi! I'm new to this forum, but not to the PB woe! I agree with those above: a bigger higher protein/fat b'fast will help you through. A nice big salad for lunch (add some avocado, meats, and cheese) and maybe some veggies or a full fat greek yogurt if you need a snack. One thing I have found after eating this way for 2 months is that I don't need to snack anymore. I am simply not hungry, and it's wonderful!! For what it's worth, I sometimes eat a 1/4 c of organic blueberries in the morning with my eggs and bacon. I like them and 1/4c of them is only 4g of carbs. Keep up the great work! I can tell you're doing a great job!

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