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Thread: Fading Scars

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    Fading Scars

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    I was wondering if anyone has any tips or recommendations on how to fade scars. I recently had shingles - on my face. The blisters have healed nicely and the scabs are gone. Now I am left with some pretty dark spots on my face. Right now I am just moisturizing with coconut oil. Some have suggested Mederma, Bio-Oil or vitamin E.
    I know they will probably fade on their own in time but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to minimize the scarring.

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    Vitamin E and Bio-Oil worked well for the massive scar I have on my arm, from having a plate put in. I keloid scar, so its a nasty one - about 10 inches long and over an inch wide.
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    Dilute lemon juice in water, apply to face. The acid helps take away layers of the scar, and it will lighten it over time.

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    Rooibos oil. Available online. From the South African plant that make rooibos (redbush) tea. I have more than my share of surgical scars and this stuff really works.

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    Aloe Vera gel works well. Aloe contains a concentrated mix of compounds that nourish skin and promote cellular turnover. For people with dry or sensitive skin, Aloe is a moisturizing alternative to peels and acidic topical treatments. There are lots of products out there that contain aloe, but you can also use it in its purest form- right from the cut leaf of the plant. For a facial mask recipe and more info on how to use Aloe to fade spots check out:
    See Spot disappear…with Aloe - We Love Aloe!

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