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Thread: Recommend simple (minimalistic) exercise/workout online tracker page

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    Recommend simple (minimalistic) exercise/workout online tracker

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    I've tried them all: fitday, dailyburn, fatsecret, etc. All of the popular and most recommended fitness/nutrition tracker web apps are overly complicated and annoying to use, at least to me.

    So, I'm asking here for recommendation of something less complicated but with the minimum functionality to track something like the workouts in the book "Convict Conditioning" (that is, the workouts that I started this week and expect to keep at it for at least a couple of months).

    What I'm looking for:

    * Add an exercise, just the name of the exercise, doesn't need to add descriptions/photos/movies.
    * Plan the repetition of an exercise (every other day, 2 times a week, etc.)
    * Get calendar-style overview of the past/present week/month of what was done, and what's ahead.

    Thanks in advance, hope I was clear enough from the description.

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    I'm not sure will do exactly what you want, but there's that. And there's google calendar or excel.
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    I really like It is nothing special, but you can record what you eat and any exercise you participate it. The site breaks it down into nutritional info. and provides a pie chart for easy reference. I dig it.

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    an excel spreadsheet or print a calandar and do it pen and paper.

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    I'm using livestrong and fitday... if those are too complicated, well, google docs or pen and paper. I don't know how you could get more stripped down than either of those products. (Fit and ls)
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    I like Livestrong; it's easy, and gives me data over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurb999 View Post
    an excel spreadsheet or print a calandar and do it pen and paper.
    Yeah, go on excel and play with a couple of different schemes and print that out.

    Mine literally reads:


    I chose "volume" because I can then put something like this in (random examples not an actual workout)

    6/27 || L-sit hold || 3x 15s (3 sets, 15 second holds each time)
    6/27 || ring dips || 3x 15 - 10 - 8 (3 sets, 15, 10 and 8 reps respectively)
    6/27 || sandbag zercher squats || 5x5 100lbs (5 sets of 5 reps, bag weighs 100lbs)
    6/27 || sledhammer || tabata (basically, I beat the crap out of a truck tire with my sledgehammer, 20 secs on, 10 sec rest, repeat 8 times. This is still kicking my ass but seeing slow progress)
    6/27 || hill sprints || 10X50 (10 dashes, 50 yards)
    6/27 || handstands || practice (just practicing handstands, this isn't something that I would actually write down all the time, but sometimes I do)

    I found 'volume' was better, in the past I had used "reps", "duration" etc but some activities (like sprinting, or handstands for instance) didn't quite fit in either.

    works for me...

    since you're inclined to use technology, you can enter those on excel directly without printing. I printed mine and it's hanging on a clipboard in my backyard (where I work out) so that I can input as soon as I'm done or I'm likely to forget. I had originally planned on putting it into excel then I thought... why bother? my clipboard is right there and isn't going anywhere.
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    I love me some Excel. Works for damn near everything.
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    Shop Now is very simple. You can target carbs not calories. I don't use the exercise tracker so i don't know about it. I like the food tracker though.
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