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Thread: Ladies...shrinkage and cravings? HELP!!

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    Mark sure you get a properly fitted bra. Most women are wearing the wrong size! A good bra will give you support and reduce any further drop.

    Oh and eat fat!

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    As an artist, I've worked with tons of nude models, so I've seen it all. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. I've seen very thin, young women who point down, fat women with very perky breasts and everything in between. The only breasts most people see are their own and the models in magazines and on tv. Totally not fair. You can do exercises and that will likely help you, but so much of how we feel about our bodies is in our minds. I don't feel awesome about my body, and I think I looked hot when I was 26, but when I was actually IN my body at 26, I hated it. Can't win sometimes.

    And I'd say that BF doesn't get to touch your breasts until he says nice things about them. It's a privilege for him to be close to you. :-)

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    Thanks for your comment. I know it's a lot about self esteem and your own mind playing tricks on you. Slowly but surely I'm getting more comfortable with my body. I will take your opinions into consideration and do my best to give myself more compliments. Breasts are not everything in life! I feel better with all your support! Sometimes I just have to look back at what I used to be like and know that I am much better off mentally and health wise!

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