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Thread: drinking alcohol on the primal blueprint? page 2

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    I handle booze better, but have less desire to drink it. I never have more than 2 beers anymore, though I can drink plenty of wine and spirits.
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    i do find it interesting mark sort of allows alcohol on PB. i can understand wines and other fermented drinks but I think most other alcoholic drinks including beer, are made from grain which doesnt seem very primal to me at all

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    I find that I get drunk faster than I did pre-PB. I'm not sure if that's because of metabolic changes, because I have lost weight, or both (though I'm guessing both). I drink wine, whiskey, bourbon, vodka sodas, and the occasional tequila shot.

    I have, however, found my hangovers to be MUCH improved. Often I feel no effects the next morning, and on the occasions when I do it's very mild. It's just a tiny headache (dehydration) and being tired (alcohol is very disruptive to sleep cycles).

    On the other hand, if for some strange reason I do drink beer or cocktails , my hangovers are worse. I am guessing that is because the liver is working to process both the alcohol and the sugars you consume with it, thus the liver is less efficient.
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    I can't do many alcohols because they are grain-based. I'm quite sensitive to it and was really surprised that even distilled liquors that are grain-based (most vodkas, for example) give me troubles. Aside from that, I find that alcohol still makes me feel awful if I overdo it. In fact, I'd say I'm more sensitive to it now than pre-Primal. Since mixing drinks has been a hobby of mine, this is requiring a bit of lifestyle change. Oh well, that's just one more step in the direction of better and better health!
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    Yes, indeed!

    In fact, I find that alcohol tastes completely different. I am re-experiencing my favourite single malts and REALLY appreciating a bottle of real ale. I find I can have great satisfaction from one bottle because of the flavour and don't feel the need to push more and more for the alcohol feeling. I prefer to feel alert ... I prefer to sleep better. I do enjoy a beer, though ... and that REAL enjoyment has been brought back to me since going paleo.

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    For years, I really hated the taste of beer. But then a couple of years ago I decided it wasn't all that bad. In fact, beer was GOOD!

    Of course, then I started eating Primal and beer was not on the menu for me. I really craved it for a few weeks, and now I really don't have any desire for it.

    I keep meaning to make a NorCal Margarita, but I just don't get around to buying the tequila, so I must not want it too badly.
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    I believe it's because that train of thought isn't relevant. Grain-derived alcohols hold little-to-none of the qualities of that from which they come.

    Additionally, liquors (such as tequila, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey) contain no carbohydrates. There are some studies out there that actually speak of a benefit in ingesting such items to help with insulin sensitivity.

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    My new end of day libation is 4 ozs seltzer, 4 ozs POM pomegranate juice--pure-- over lots of ice and with lots of angostura bitters.

    Who needs alcohol?
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    I had my first beer since being pretty strict paleo (95%) for a few weeks and the results were......not good. I felt so awful at the end of the night (just after one beer!) and today was even worse - I had a headache, stomach ache, you name it. Could have been the nachos I ate too

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    Redbridge is a gluten free beer that is pretty tasty, its no imperial stout but there are some gluten free options out there.

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