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Thread: New (4th week) and I have an IF question... silly one maybe!

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    New (4th week) and I have an IF question... silly one maybe!

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    Hi, I actually have two questions for the forum but they are both very distinct so I am going to do 2 separate threads.

    Question 1 - When doing a fast, say, getting up in the morning and holding out until about 1-2 for first meal of the day, is coffee, or water, or ANYTHING allowed? I am unclear on that.

    I am fine getting up and having my morning coffee then drinking water or mineral water but I think it would be hard to not have even that. Does having liquids ruin the IF?

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    Coffee is generally accepted as ok. I do a 16/8 almost every day and I drink coffee while I am fasting. Water is fine also and you should definitely hydrate when thirsty. I have been tossing around the idea of avoiding coffee for a week while I am fasting just to see what would happen and if my results would change but I have not gotten there yet.

    Liquids with no calories or low calories will not derail an IF.
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    Coffee is insignificant. Martin from the leangains approach (16/8) pours milk or cream into his coffee which gives it around 20-30 kcal during the fast.

    It doesn't derail anything. As long as it's under or at 50 kcal it's ok.

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    OK awesome thanks for the help. Coffee is a life-giving substance for me in the AM's

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