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Thread: Raw milk and pregnancy

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    Raw milk and pregnancy

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    yay or nay?

    I'm leaning towards just avoiding it to be on the safe side and drinking low-temp vat pasteurized milk from a local dairy (they say it leaves more of the beneficial stuff in milk as compared to mass milk production pasteurization).

    I don't drink a lot of milk because it really doesn't have a place in my normal diet/lifestyle...but, I thought it might be good to drink a little since I'm growing another human being and milk is growth promoting.

    Thoughts on milk in general with respect to pregnancy also welcome. I'm currently 5 weeks.
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    My clear stance on this is "better safe than sorry". I know that listeriosis from raw milk is extremely rare but IF a pregnant woman gets infected the consequences for her fetus might be very, very bad. Plus, I have learned that in the U. S. (luckily, this seems to be rare in Europe) about 90% of dairy cows (organic or not) are infected with a bovine form of leucemia which might or might not promote leucemia in humans when consumed over a period of time. I feel that those heavily promoting raw milk (Weston Price Organisation, more precisely Sally Fallon) ignore some of the facts. I would consume raw milk if I had a very trusted source and I knew "my cow", even when not pregnant I would be that careful! I think that, as dairy is not important part of your diet, organic yoghurt, cheese and dairy from pasteurized milk are a safe way to satisify your appetite for it and you know that you played it safe!

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