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Thread: Uses for Oopsie Rolls

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    Uses for Oopsie Rolls

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    well so far I've used the batter as pancakes for the kids with hugh success ( but that is probably the maple syrup). I Have also done the traditonal baking and then used them like bread. Cottage cheese and chopped corriander ( oh sorry, cilantro for the majority) but this mornings breakfast, yumo, was oopsie rolls with tomato and cheese under the griller (oops again sorry.... broiler?? I think).
    Yesterday was 2:1 oopsie batter combined with roast pumpkin soup from the night. Spread LIBERALLY with sour cream......yumo!

    How do you do yours??

    PS I got the recipie from if you have no clue what I am raving on about!!!


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    all I see at that url is stock site from an ISP.

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    I could never get those fucking things to cook right so I just gave up on 'em.
    I always wanted to make this: Stuff I Make My Husband: French Toast
    The stuff that woman has on her site is amazing. I usually cook something at least once a week from that site.
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