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Thread: Great Shake recipe- See if you like it !

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    I love this healthy shake for Breakfast:

    1 scoop of Whey protein- vanilla (Designs for Health- Whey Cool)

    1/3 piece of banana (I cut up and keep in freezer)

    5-6 organic stawberries (or any berry fruit you like, nice handful)

    1 TB psyllium husks

    1-2 TB coconut cream (Tropical Traditions)

    1 TB raw cocoa powder (Navitas brand)

    Agave to sweeten (optional)

    1 organic raw egg (optional)

    1 cup filtered water

    4-5 ice cubes (add after you blend for 30 seconds)

    Blend in Vita Mix 1-2 minutes and enjoy !

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    What is husk?

    This sounds similiar to what I do...Some berries, lots of coconut milk, some cocoa powder if I'm in a chocolate mood (always, really...), protein powder, water and ice. Yum! I do the frozen banana thing too, my dad turned me on to it...It makes it nice and thick...Do you ever add nut butter or greens to your shakes? Sometimes I'll add a little spinach for bulk, can't even taste it, I think it actually makes it a tad sweeter...

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    I just use whole milk

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    Sounds similar to what I do as well. Has anyone tried using almond milk? It's fairly low carb and I do like the flavor.

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    Too many ingredients. I'm a coconut milk, whey powder, and water kind of blender. And I drink it while I'm taking my dog out for her morning pee/poop. lol

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    My smoothie is almost the same except I ditch the ice cubes and water for raw milk and plain yogurt, the agave for honey (less processing, when I do use it), the cocoa powder for carob powder, and the coconut cream for almond butter. Extremely filling and delicious.

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    That sounds good, although it's quite a lot of ingredients. How thick do you find it with the psyllium husks?

    As it's cold here at the moment, I've switched to just having some homemade hot chocolate in the morning - 200ml organic coffee, 200ml coconut milk and some grated 100% cacao, heated in a pan until it's steaming slightly. Not particulary primal but it gives me the kick I need to get going on these dark, cold mornings!

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    I normally go for whey, milled flaxseed, glug of olive oil and water, but I broke out the blender yesterday and added a banana and 125ml double cream. It was liquid heaven...I nearly drowned in smoothy-goodness

    I must use the blender more often and try some berries or, I'm liking the idea of almond butter too.

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    Thanks for all your responses, all good. This shake is a good base and you can change or omit what you like/don't like, good suggestions on other ideas.

    It took me awhile to build up my stash of ingredients. I now have a "shake shelf" in my cupboard. I have so much room since I got rid of all the processed canned foods, grains and beans etc..

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