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Thread: Keeping me accountable primal log

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    Smile Keeping me accountable primal log

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    I am new to PB, just jumped in two days ago, and am feeling good so far. I had good luck losing weight with Atkins about 7 years ago (went from 165 lbs to 115 lbs), and kept it off for some time. Since my wedding last year, though, I have noticed my waistline expanding slowly but surely. My husband is a terrible eater with a mean sweet tooth, and I have had a tendency to follow along. We also are big beer drinkers, and most of our social life revolves around eating out and drinks with friends. I can easily kill an entire bottle of wine by myself, and never keep track of "how many" I drink when out with friends. I don't want to eliminate that entire part of my life altogether, but I definitely need to be smarter and healthier. I have noticed in the past couple of months that my energy is down, I feel bloated all the time, and my clothes don't fit right

    So it's time to nip this in the bud! To keep me accountable, I am going to keep a mini journal of my daily eating and exercise here. Hopefully this will motivate me! I would like to lose about 15-20 lbs, and generally feel healthier and more energized. I'm hoping that with the right fuel and the right exercise, I will get there!

    Please don't hesitate to give feedback on my daily menus. There is always room for improvement. So far, I know I have not been eating enough fat - we have a lot of lean meat in our house presently, so I'm trying to use that up before going shopping this weekend and getting some fattier meats. The nutrition values below all come from SparkPeople.

    Tuesday, June 28
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, coffee, organic creamer, wedge of cheese
    Lunch: Large salad (mostly veggies from our garden) with olive oil and red wine vinegar, pan fried chicken breast (no breading)
    Dinner: Roast chicken (leg and thigh) with skin on (wasn't all that hungry, so no side)
    Snack: sliced cucumber and celery with "Primally Delicious Hummus" (recipe from this site)

    Booze: none

    Water: ~80oz.

    Carbs: 45
    Fat: 59
    Protein: 145

    Exercise: Walked to/from work (about 1.5 miles)

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    Hey, I'm married to a Korg, too! Keeping a journal has really helped me and it's only been about 2 weeks.
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    Hehe... I'm 'married' to a Korg as well! I'd never thought of it that way. We've worked it out though now, so he's having his spaghetti sauce with pasta and I'm having mine with spaghetti squash. I have got him eating more salads and vegetables too.

    I suck at journal-keeping and goal-setting so I use the scale and smaller clothes as motivation. It's working great so far!
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    LoL! Yes, he is definitely a Korg! He loves cakes, cookies, ice cream...if it's sweet, he wants to eat it. I told him he has to start eating that stuff when he's not at home, because I don't even want it in the house. It makes it a little harder, but luckily he loves meat so as long as he can have some bread or potatoes with whatever I have I think he'll be okay. He does LOVE pizza, which will be REALLY hard for me to resist. But I am motivated! And maybe I can turn him on to primal pizza eventually.

    Here's what was on my plate today, Wednesday June 29 (almost the same as yesterday...I love leftovers):

    Breakfast: Coffee, Organic cream, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Wedge of cheese
    Lunch: Pan fried chicken breast, Large salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green peppers) with olive oil and red wine vinegar
    Dinner: Roast chicken with skin on, steamed broccoli with butter
    Snack: Wedge of cheese, 1 cup fresh strawberries

    Booze: none (jonesin' for a glass of wine, though)

    Carbs: 38
    Fat: 78
    Protein: 145

    Water: ~115 oz

    Exercise: Cardio kickboxing class (1 hour)

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