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Thread: Primal journal/bel

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    Primal journal/bel

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    Day one
    B 2 eggs over easy and some coconut milk blended with pineapple and almonds that was sooo good!

    S I didn't have a snack today didn't really need it.

    L I had a chicken thigh and leg and a salad with strawberries, apple, lettuce( I was out of spinach), tomato and purple onion. No need for dressing because the strawberries gave it lots of flavor.

    D Started with a wonderful salad I made with Mushrooms, apple, mixed greens, bellpepper, tomato and purple onion(I love purple onion you will notive i put it in EVERYTHING). a cilantro and lime chicken breast with some grilled zucchinni and half a sweet potato.

    I think I did pretty damn good today!
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