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    Quote Originally Posted by RunBikeLift View Post
    Great post!! CMHFFEMT- I am also very interested in the science behind the fat cells filling...dont believe I've heard that before, but it does make sense! My weight loss has been slow, also, as I am around 3 weeks into eating Primal (although I have had some cheats once a week!) Considering trying the Whole30 very soon! I'd love to get some big weight loss to get me feeling better so I can become more disciplined!
    You want the weight loss to come before you become more disciplined?

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    Like Belinda I weigh myself a couple of times a day. It is so motivating to see the figures. 18kg down and more. Sometimes I'll go a month or even more without any morning loss, then a reasonable sized drop. Other times the drop occurs bit by bit each couple of days. It also helps to lose symptom after symptom, but I'm sorry I never kept a log of what wasn't there any more, so I tend to forget what I used to suffer.

    Losing the scales is probably good for many. I just find it helpful and enjoyable to see it coming down after years of it going up.

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    I'd like to be able to get rid of my scales, but I'm not brave enough yet. However I believe the trick is to get to a point where you can stand on the scales and be objective about it - not let the numbers dictate whether you have a good/bad day/week. I think I'm just about at that point but being pretty new to PB after having been brainwashed by CW for so many years, the scales are just one of many indicators that show me I'm doing the right thing and moving (albeit slowly) in the right direction.

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    i dont have a scale at home. i used to weigh once in a while at the gym. now, i have stopped that in light of the plain, obvious evidence in front of me in the mirror.

    as OP mentioned, scale is misleading in the sense that changing body composition towards a healthy mix (i.e. more lean muscle mass) actually pushes the scale up and depresses you into an overdrive of a calorific cutback and work out mode, which ultimately leads to failure and leads you back into the binge and the great "let go".

    it also affects you in the opposite way. if you go on low carb diet, you could lose a lot of water and muscle mass and the scale will show you a great number. you may not be at a good "shape".
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    I find my scales highly amusing, I have dropped 8 kilo since going primal, however I have dropped 3 dress sizes and I am thinner now than when I lost weight a few years ago and weighed less. I do find the scale to be a poor indicator of my fitness and am actually stunned that I am smaller than I was before children and before I met my hubby in 2003. I pay more attention to what I can do, can I lift my own weight? Almost. Can I run 5 km if I want to? Sure can. I am fit and strong and the scales cant take that away.

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    I lost 30 kilos through running and eating mainly low carb over the last few years, and have been eating Primal only 2 weeks now. For a long time I didn't own scales and had no idea what I weighed so i was delighted to finally see I had lost 30 kilos. I could obviously tell from my clothes because I had gone down 4 dress sizes.

    I buy all my clothes now to be very fitted and close to my body, so I can tell immediately if my body has changed. Close fitted structured dresses in a non-stretch fabric (NO lycra) not only look sexy and make you feel great (assuming you are female), but are also a good way to prevent overeating. Who wants a puffy sticking-out over-full tummy in a tight dress. And when the dress gets too big, go buy another sexier one in the next size down. Who cares what the scales say if you look healthy and fit in your skin.

    Also, you can't beat a picture. Through Primal I'm trying to lose some of the final bits of soft jiggly fat on my thighs and lower stomach, and a photo in natural sunlight is definitely the best way to track that. I'll be taking a few each week. It also shows muscle tone and general health of the skin which the scales can't detect.

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    Ways to measure health as well as fat loss:
    - Measurements
    - Clothing fit and sizes
    - Energy levels
    - Sleep patterns, restfulness, and refreshed-ness

    griff, these are my problem areas with the primal way. I feel physically great. my aches and pains-gone, feet feel great barefoot. digestion-excellent, but the other areas have not kicked in, I am not getting that elation people are getting when it happens,. been 7 mos primal. measurements larger, (mostly my belly). to be fair, I have had a few cheat days with some beer carbs(football season). other than that feeling very frustrated,gained 2 inches in waist, but I hope to keep hanging on , thanks for your great post's,they give me hope! and, nver do weigh my self, that is important!
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    Amen to the above few posts.

    A good friend and I both used to wear exactly the same jeans (like, *exactly* - same model, same brand, same size, from same store - we've been shopping together). However, I know for a fact that at the time, despite theoretically having the same sized bum, I was 12 kilos (that's over 26 pounds) heavier than she was. The difference was in our body composition - she doesn't exercise, and to put it gently is somewhat soft and a bit flabby. I love to exercise, and I've always been very well muscled, even when carrying too much fat.

    If I'd only cared about scale weight, I might have been concerned by the fact that I was almost two stone heavier than my friend. But I wouldn't trade my fitter, harder and "heavier" body for her weaker, softer and "lighter" body for any money. My hourglass figure kicks her wheat-bellied arse.

    Oh, and BTW, those jeans are too big for me now, thanks to Primal eating and exercise. I'm slowly getting closer to my goal weight - or rather, to my goal *size*.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    3. Weight loss is not linear. The body will often dump fat and fill the fat cells with water to "hold" the space, anticipating a refeed of carbs to fill up those storage cells again. Eventually, when it doesn't happen, the body gets the message and dumps the water out. Fat cells shrink, and "whoosh" - you lose five or six pounds in one day. You actually already lost the fat, but your body was hoping you would replace it. When you don't, the body adjusts - eventually - and your weight goes down a little bit. But the timing of this event is not predictable because too many other things affect it for us to say "after five days, you will have a whoosh." Everyone's body is different. The point here is that you cannot expect consistent weight loss or linear weight loss as we've all been trained to believe in. It doesn't really happen that way, no matter what Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig wants you to believe.
    This is exactly the info I was looking for. I have noticed when I gain weight that I think I can eat more without gaining, but a couple of weeks later... thwump it just pops up out of nowhere. I was really wondering if the same is true in the reverse. This seems to have answered it. Yes.

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    6+ months after you posted this, it is exactly what I needed to read on my first trip to the forum. I've been a muscular girl ever since I was a kid (graduated high school at 160 , 5' 8" with a 24 inch waist) and now as a 29 year old mom of 4, I know I'm healthier than a scale reading can tell me. Yet I still find myself stepping on and off it 2 and 3 times a day and watching my mood fluctuate with the number. No more. It is now hidden in the deep dark reaches of a storage closet. Thank you!!

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