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    Fish oil or krill oil

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    Guys what do you think which is best one... fish oil or krill oil...
    share your opinion

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    Krill oil is better, but crazy expensive. To get the level of EPH and DHA in krill oil that fish oil have, you'll go broke. Krill also has hormone-balancing properties. If you can afford it, go krill. I'd love to take krill, but I'm not paying $20 for 60 pills. At that cost, I'll just buy wild Alaskan salmon and enjoy dinner more.
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    Been using krill 75% of the time. Never heard anything negative about krill and it does seem to edge out fish in all areas besides price...

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    Just eat fish regularly and keep your overall PUFA low. Spend the money you would be spending on supplements on better food.
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