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Thread: Kerry Gold vs. Organic Valley Pasture Butter

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    Kerry Gold vs. Organic Valley Pasture Butter

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    I always hear props for Kerry Gold, and wonder do they just not know about the more local and organic Organic Valley Pasture butter? or is it me that doesn't know something?

    Is there any difference other than it's not coming from the other side of the globe?

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    Never heard of Kerrygold until today. Went to their website, and saw another thread on it, and will probably try it. It is made from the milk of grass-fed cows, and a lot of people in this community apparently use it. I use the same butter you do, but willing to give Kerrygold a try.
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    I read somewhere, and now can't recall where, that Organic Valley has better numbers on CLA. I also read (same place) that OV only harvests butter when the grass is green, but I would think that's the same for KerryGold since they are in Ireland where it's always green...

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    Love the Kerry gold butter, definitely grass fed and SAMs now has 1 PB packs for $7.38!
    Organic valley is also good in a pinch. Kerry gold also has their aged sharp cheddar cheese that's super good.
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    Ditch them both for Icelandic Smjor if you can get it . . . especially if you cook with butter.

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    I use both, but Kerrygold definitely has a superior flavor.
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    Kerrygold has set the bar very high. Its so creamy and delicious.
    Organic Valley has its work cut out for it. They indicate that its available at my local grocery so Ill check out the pasture butter.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoBob View Post
    Kerry gold also has their aged sharp cheddar cheese that's super good.
    This I will have to locate. I love sharp aged cheddar.
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    I can't seem to find the butter unless its St Patty's day at which time my local european markets start stocking it at a good price. I'll have to buy a bunch next year and freeze it

    The cheese is available at a good price at TJ's but I haven't tried it yet. I bought a round of salted sheep cheese that I still need to finish off...

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    hmmm. i definitely prefer organic valley's pasture butter. kerrygold is good if i can't find the OV, but only second best. maybe some people don't see OV's pasture butter in the stores where they shop? my coop only carries it because i adamantly requested, but my grocery store carries kerrygold.

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    I started using Kerrygold from Trader Joe's about a year ago when I first went primal and became of the grassfed. I haven't seen the other. I made my first ever ghee this week from Kerrygold, and man, is it good!!

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