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Thread: Kerry Gold vs. Organic Valley Pasture Butter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    hmmm. i definitely prefer organic valley's pasture butter. kerrygold is good if i can't find the OV, but only second best. maybe some people don't see OV's pasture butter in the stores where they shop? my coop only carries it because i adamantly requested, but my grocery store carries kerrygold.
    You're right. I've never seen it. Very happy with KG but will definitely give OV a try if I see it.

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    I tried both, but OV pasture butter has superior favor in my opinion. I get 1 pound of OV Pasture Butter for $7 in my local WFM. Kerrygold is so overrated in my opinion.......

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    Kerrygold Dubliner cheddar is to die for..and let it come up to room temp... sooooo good! Best price I have found for it is Costco. I am going to have to add it to my shopping list! In regards for best price, I got a huge piece at Costco for the same price as a small piece in my local market.
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    mmmmmm...i love their cheese! though it makes me wonder how great the stuff can be if it's so widely distributed...

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    I can get a block of Kerrygold at Trader Joes for $2.78. A grocery closer to home carries it but they charge almost $5/block. TJ's wins on the price.

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    Trader Joe's sells Kerrygold for $2.79/8 oz stick. That's $5.58/lb. Freaking Land 'O Lakes is $4+ a pound when not on sale. TJ's is barely a mile from my house. For me, the choice is clear. Let's not forget their pure pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) heavy cream for $2.49/pt. Their dairy deals are very good for the quality, that's for sure. Just steer clear of their pre-made junk chock full of canola and soybean oil. They're still on the whole anti-saturated fat know, because it causes heart disease and all, not the inflammation of oxidized PUFA's and the heavy intake of inflammatory grains loaded with lectins and mineral-blocking phytic acid.
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    The OV pasture butter that I get here is cultured. The taste difference is subtle, but I love that tang that reminds me of sour cream. It costs the same per pound at the local hippy health food store as KG does at Costco. Not everything at Costco is a good deal, the KG is $8 per pound!


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    I buy the TJ organic unsalted butter and make ghee from it. I've used Kerry Gold before - and I'm meh about it...its saltier than the TJ salted organic butter dh uses. MIL RAVES about kerry gold butter though - she buys it as a treat and will make 1 stick last 4mths... she'll even bring it with her when she visits and stays the night...

    I do love the dubliner cheese - we get it from costco to! Some times they'll even have it on sale!

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    Both are cultured. I've tasted them side by side (my daughter works at a food co op), and as much as I always love KG, OV was the winner. BUT I get whichever is cheaper....which is usually KG at TJ's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geostump View Post
    I can get a block of Kerrygold at Trader Joes for $2.78. A grocery closer to home carries it but they charge almost $5/block. TJ's wins on the price.
    I finally found some Kerry Gold on Saturday, and it was $5.99 a block. I bought one to try, but it won't be a staple at that price. Wish there was a TJ's nearby.

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