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    light salt?

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    In one of my salt shakers I have "light salt", meaning it's 50% normal salt, and 50% potassium. (I've also seen sodium free salt consisting of 100% potassium.) Is there any danger in using the light salt as compared to the regular? I always salt my food (salty fried eggs!) and don't seem to have a problem. (However, it is summer so I'm sweating a fair amount now, but I hardly sweat at all in the winter) But will the light salt cause an imbalance or something? Regular salt is usually shunned, but how does this compare?

    People are always eating banannas, drinknig coconut water, etc for potassium, so is this stuff basically the same, so it's actually good?

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    I would say if you feel bad from eating it, stop.

    I'm silly about salt, have about 6 different kinds, each with different flavors. Moderate usage, and it don't sweat it. That's my opinion, no sodium related health issues to date.

    As for potassium being good, well, your body needs it. Otherwise you'll start getting wicked cramps and other fun stuff. I do believe excessive potassium heads south and out in your urine.

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    Um, salt is good. But it's very difficult to accidentally eat a lethal dose of potassium (actually, looking up the lethal dose, I don't quite understand why it's a concern at all.) so whatever floats your boat.

    Dietary potassium is a good marker of vegetable consumption. But that's different from a bottle.
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