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Thread: Extreme vocals and primal fitness?

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    Extreme vocals and primal fitness?

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    I sing on a regular basis and I usually feel a great sensation after a good round of Holy Diver or Like A Stone. But I also wonder if anyone knows what singing like that does to the body. Elevated heart rate is probable, perhaps raised blood pressure as well. It feels so good, but can it possibly raise cortisol levels, too? I'd hope not. But I sing every other day for the most part. Probably 20 minutes to an hour on a singing day. Sometimes it works up a sweat, sometimes not. Any thoughts?

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    I used to sing a lot--in choirs, voice lessons, etc. I KNOW it takes strong abdominal muscles and breath control to sing well. So I could see how it would be a workout in that manner...Don't know any other details though.

    It's been a long time for me...I'll have to get back into singing more often!
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    It sticks in my mind that endorphins and cortisol are mutually exclusive.
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