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Thread: Radioactive tea

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    Radioactive tea

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    Little Jimmy, full of glee
    Put Radium in grandma's tea.
    Now he thinks it quite a lark
    To watch her glowing in the dark.

    Japan has detected radiation above the legal limit in tea grown in Shizuoka, the heart of the nation's green tea industry, officials said, blaming the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. ...

    "We believe the source of the radiation was the Fukushima nuclear power plant," a prefectural official said. ...
    Japan recalls Shizuoka tea over radiation fears - Telegraph

    There are arguments about whether the current safe level set by the Japanese Government is too low, since most people don't actually eat the leaves. I haven't got a reference for that one, but there's a lot of articles out there now:

    radioactive tea japan - Google Search

    Drink too much of it and god knows what might grow big in Japan :-)

    YouTube - ‪Alphaville - Big in japan Official Video‬‏

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    Pretty sure EVERYTHING in that area is going to be showing "over the legal limit" of radiation.

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