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Thread: Katie's First Primal Fourth of July

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    Katie's First Primal Fourth of July

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    My husband and I have been eating primally since late April. We always celebrate 4th of July with his huge Cuban family in Miami, and they are a carb-heavy group of people. Also, his family doesn't do a big dinner for the 4th, they just have finger food. I've been compiling a list of things that I can make that are, for the most part, primal-approved. Since I'm known for bringing fun things to the party, I would like to uphold my reputation and bring stuff that everyone will love and looks cool on a platter. Here's what I have so far:

    Prosciutto and melon
    Zucchini egg bake (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook) - I plan on making this in mini quiche tins.
    Elegantly Baked Ham and Eggs if I don't do the zucchini egg bake
    Pate with veggies
    Crustless baked brie and apples

    And for dessert:
    Blueberries and cream cupcakes
    Strawberry cupcakes

    Thoughts? Additions? Ideas? :-)
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    Googling "cuban paleo" brought up lots of links.
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    I know various kinds of poppers are always popular! I like chicken stuffed pepperocini's wrapped in bacon, personally. I think there's a recipe on the board for sausage stuffed peppers, and of course there's cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. Scallops in bacon is another idea. Oh, and this recipe for smoked salmon rolled in soft cheese and served on cucumber rounds would be nice and refreshing, and totally primal.

    Good luck!

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