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    ugh, ate out twice yesterday and now facing the consequences.

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    I figured one meal out a week was reasonable. My hubby and I went to a breakfast place we love for a late breakfast. I had something new, a scramble made with potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, and sausage gravy. It was not even very tasty, as I'm now used to more simple fair. I didn't finish it, leaving most of the potatoes on the plate. But between the sodium (possible msg), the carbs, and the wheat flour in the gravy I felt awful afterwards. Not sure which is the culprit but yuck. Then, had to meet my parents at Cracker Barrel for a late lunch/early dinner. They have chicken livers, which I love, so I got those with green beans and carrots. The carrots tasted like they had some kind of glaze on them (sugar or cornsyrup), and there was of course some breading on the livers, but not a lot. But something messed up my blood sugar or something, because within 45 minutes of leaving I was craving food again! I didn't eat. I waited until after running errands and such, and then had my favorite treat- berries and full fat greek yogurt. I felt better after that.

    But even during the night I was hungry and craving sugar for the first time since I started this two weeks ago. And, worst of all, the scale was up about 2 pounds.

    Will this happen every time I eat out??? I'm feeling better after a breakfast of eggs and spinach, but don't want to go through this again!

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    A little advice: before you go out to eat, pop a fish oil pill, a probiotic and an N-acetyl glucosamine.

    The fish oil will help balance out any vegetable oils in the cooking. The probiotic will help your digestion. The N-acetyl glucosamine helps bind lectins and prevents them from damaging your cell's DNA. This has been my routine for my carb-up meals. I ate 15 corn tortillas over 36 hours this weekend and outside of a little gas and lots of bloating from the carbs, I didn't have any regrettable reactions or any feeling of sleepiness. I take an NAG and a probiotic before a meal I'll eat with grain in it.
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    I hear you. I ended up with a bit of a binge yesterday at an all-you-can-eat brunch. I was making good primal choices till I had two large cookies at the end. I didn't feel sick, but they made me feel very sleepy for several hours. I have not felt that way in a long time.

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    I find a glass of water with lots of lemon juice before I eat "crap" helps

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    I find everything is alright when I eat out. Just make sure you order something you know you will feel fine after, and ask questions if you need to. A burger/steak or some sort of beef with veggies/potato is great for me. I ask for real butter too.

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    I had a slip up yesterday, demolished a rather large fast food order. i wanted to note any differences in how i felt, i was expecting to feel something, but i was really ok, apart from the guilt feelings that is!

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    I have to stick with salad/veggies and grilled chicken or fish when I go out to dinner. If not, I REALLY regret it later. It is SO not worth it! I ate horribly for so many years of my life. Now I know how feeling good feels and I want to keep that feeling.

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