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Thread: Primal Ice Cream recipes -- hit me!

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    Primal Ice Cream recipes -- hit me!

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    I got an ice cream maker for my birthday! So, hit me up with some good Primal/Paleo ice cream. I've seen some recipes floating around but I'm not sure which ones are good or not. Heh, I'm a poor college student so I don't want to be pouring money down the drain with too many failed recipes.

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    There's such a thing as 'not good' ice cream?
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    Yes. Its name is Blue Bunny ;-)

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    Standard Issue Goins Ice Cream

    Berries about 1 cup
    1 can coconut milk
    1/3 cup Heavy Cream
    2T Fage ( full fat of course)
    1-2 dashes of KAL Stevia


    I have also done 2T Cocoa Powder 1T Instant Coffee

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    I usually just whir up some coconut milk, some fruit or dark chocolate, and some stevia/honey/maple syrup in a blender until it tastes good. Then I throw it in the ice-cream maker. I've never had to throw out a batch yet.

    Dark Chocolate/Raspberry....mmm...
    Vanilla/Chocolate Chip....yummy too.

    There are lots of recipes out there for custard based ice creams that take a lot of prep and cooling time and whatnot. I say just mix sh*t up and throw it in the machine. If you want to throw some raw pastured egg yolks in any ice cream...go for it. A touch of vanilla improves almost any flavor combo as well.

    I think half the fun is in experimenting. Good luck!

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    I haven't had good success with the texture of coconut milk ice cream in the past. I don't really have the best ice cream maker, so that might be part of it. I might try to whip up some custard ice cream with cream.

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