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Thread: One Minute Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcake

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    One Minute Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcake

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    1/4 cup (24g) almond flour
    1 Tbsp (5g) cocoa
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1/8 tsp new roots stevia concentrate powder or other sweetener to taste
    1 egg
    1-2 tsp water (if needed to thin out)
    15g dark chocolate chopped

    Mix the dry ingredients with a whisk then add the egg mixing well. Add water to thin if needed. Stir in dark chocolate pieces setting aside a few.

    Put mixture in a microwave safe dish such as a 7 ounce ramekin and top with remaining chocolate pieces.

    Microwave for about 1 minute then gently spread melted chocolate over the top.
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