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Thread: Fish Recipes?

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    I had some wild caught catfish that was fresh but a bit fishy. I chopped up 1/4 pickled lemon pulp and rind and used it as well as some cajun seasoning to marinate the fish then sauteed it and it was great.

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    Tom kha gai (thai soup) is really good with fish or shrimp instead of chicken
    Bone broth, lime zest, lime juice, lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger, fish chunks, hot sauce, coconut milk
    Adjust flavorings so there's a nice balance of sweet, salty, spicy and tangy. If you have access - lime = kaffir lime leaves, ginger=galangal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasintrail View Post
    For white fish I've been butter "poaching" lately. Melt a big hunk of butter in a skillet (enough to come at least half way up the filet). Put filets in over very low heat (just over low on my gas range). Turn over once during cooking, take them out when opague and flaking (5 minutes+ per side depending on thickness.

    You can add garlic, wine, herbs, scallions, whatever sounds good to the buter first.

    Comes out nice and moist, great for very lean fish like tilapia
    I tried this tonight with fresh rosemary in the butter, and it was absolutely incredible. The fish came out so fluffy and the rosemary was divine. Will do this often!

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