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    new shoes

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    I am in the market for some minimilist shoes and would appreciate advice on best options? I have tried VFF but don't like getting the toes in. Could someone help recommend some options without separate toe spaces that would be similar?

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    I love my Luna sandals and merrell has a minimalist shoe that alot of people like..

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    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

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    i like the look of the vivo barefoot haven't tried the personally so can't really comment on them but them seem ok to me

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    Merrell Trail Glove is my everyday shoe. I use my VFF for hikes and playing in the woods and streams.

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    Hi - after recently breaking my fifth metatarsal I decided 'barefoot' was the way to go as much as possible. I do have vff kso which I love, but not always practical. I splurged on vivo AND merrells. I have vivo neo - love the kind of old school look of the neo but being white they have got a bit grubby. I'm going to use a toothbrush to clean when I get a mo. They look nice with jeans but most importantly a good feel underfoot. I wore then on a very long walking day in the city and considering I am post injury I felt good. Haven't run in them. The merrells I use with jeans as well but also in the gym. I squat, deadlift and am starting to barefoot run in them. I have slowly built up my time running for both the barefoot technique and also injury reasons. I like 'em. No need to strip to socks to lift - I feel grounded and running is really good! Some days I wear an old pair of Nike frees and to be honest I like this little selection of shoes. Personally I would try them on if you can. Vivo are kinda more relaxed and merrells are a little more fitted across the bridge. Both feel nice under foot. But at the moment can't comment on running outdoors - not brave enough quite yet. The ones I have have very different styles so sometimes it literally comes down to my mood. Hope this wittering from across the pond helps!

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    Merrell Trail Gloves. I like them better than the VFF. Hopefully Merrell keeps making them.

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    I have the trail gloves... love em

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    I've been contemplating buying some water buffalo sandals, which I totally loved back in my hippie days. And I have recoiled from vibram shoes because of what you said...every toe into a separate compartment? I don't think so. Of course, the sandals are not suited to sprinting, but for day-to-day wear, I've never experienced anything nearly as comfortable.
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