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Thread: Food before walking? Or walking before food? page

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    Food before walking? Or walking before food?

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    I IF every day from 7pm to noon, and I usually go for my walks at about 5pm to 6pm, but today, I went out for a walk today at 10am, so this was before I ate. Oh my goodness, I've dealt with midday Georgia summer heat before, but this was unbearable. I was close to falling under the shade of a tree and calling a friend to come pick me up. I had nausea and was close to throwing up at one point. In the month and a half of daily 4-mile walks, this was a first. I simply didn't feel good while doing it. I'm quite sure it was because I didn't eat beforehand, though I can't verify that.

    So now that I know I'm going to stick to post-mealtime walking, I'm a little curious: what do most primal folk do? I'm most likely going to stick to my old routine no matter the response, though. I'd also like some input on the experience above if you don't believe it was caused by not eating.

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    Re your situation: ya, I think it was caused by not eating. You probably did not have enough salt on board to deal with the heat.

    Me: I have PTSD from my hypoglycemia days and am basically scared not to eat something before walking. Usually I have a serving of cottage cheese. I walk in the morning, so then I have my real breakfast after. And I carry dextrose.
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    I always walk before eating. When I get up in the morning, just thinking about food makes me nauseous. To deal with the heat I walk from 6-7AM it is still very humid but not as hot (about 80 degrees).

    Played golf this morning (7:45 AM) without eating and that may have been a mistake. By the 11th hole I was really spacey and tired. Of course, by then it was 92 :-)

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    Probably didn't have enough water or salts.

    I would suggest eating some fruit (or jerky if you're limiting carbs) before hand (or at least bring some with you) and drinking a lot of water. If you're going to go longer than a mile or two, bring some water and something with some electrolytes with you or stop to get something on the way. The biggest problem is the humidity prevents your sweat from actually cooling you down, so even if you're sweating, you could still overheat. If you get too hot, stop for 10-15 minutes in some shade or a A/C'd building.

    I think you could do it while fasted, but you have to remember you definitely need fluids and electrolytes. So you'd have to experiment with the best way to replenish those.

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