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Thread: How Do People Find This Site? Me = Confused

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    I found an article from the Rivendell Reader.

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    I needed more protein, so I googled "good sources of protein" and MDA was one of the ones I found. The article was really interesting, and the links at the end were intriguing. So I stayed.

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    I found it when I used to visit (I don't Crossfit now - it burned me out and I decided it wasn't for me). I often refer people to this site when I am on other forums.

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    Bring this thought back, lol....

    I was doing Atkins and someone mentioned kombucha on a forum I was on. I researched it and came across and she has this site as a place she visits. I looked at it, found some info on here about Atkins, and started a slow switch over.

    There - you have the story.

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    It's been so long, I can't remember exactly.

    I know I found Gary Taubes though Tim Ferris's blog. I read the Paleo Diet and Neanderthin before I knew anything about "Primal" living.

    Finding MDA must have come from a link on another low carb blog. Maybe "Fitness Spotlight" before it was a team effort between Brad and Scott... called "Modern Forager". Now how did I find the Paleo Diet book? I might have seen the book at my library, actually. I have read so many nutrition books now that I can keep track of when I read them or how I discovered them, but the paleo diet was one of the first books that I read which actually made sense to me.

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    I went to the nutrition section of

    The two recommended diets were the zone and the paleo

    Whilst researching the paleo diet and recipes I must have stumbled upon this site

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    I found this place from "the IF life", honestly I've known about this place for quite a few years, but the IF life was mostly the site I went to. Eventually I got bored and started looking at health sites and finally found out about the Primal blueprint and decided to stay.

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