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Thread: 1 Week of IF to overcome a plateau.

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    Cool 1 Week of IF to overcome a plateau.

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    Hi all, I am just after a bit of advice. And to use your expeirience as a soundboard.

    I am a 42yr old male I am very active sports/weightlifting/Mountainbiking/Trail walks & MOVNAT stuff. I have always eaten primal/paleo even though it didn't have a name back then. However around three months ago I came across Primal blueprint and decided to ramp up my nutrition to the next level. I have always been fairly muscular and have fluctuated between 8-15% BF most of my adult life.

    I have recently hit a plateau on the way towards my BF goal of 10% I am stuck at 12%ish and I was wondering if including 7 days of IF into my routine would overcome this sticking point as I have never deliberately used IF before as a nutritional manipulation tool.
    My idea was to: IF from 2000hrs - 1300hrs for 7 days. I always train before 1300hrs on a normal working week. I do an 8 mile cycle commute to work also.

    I am 82kgs (180lbs) 5'8" BF12%. physical capabilities range between a 200kg Deadlift & a 17.37 3 mile run. I get plenty of quality sleep and quality of food is not an issue.

    Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appriciated

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    Do 2100hrs - 1300hrs. 16 hours fasting is the sweet spot.

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    It worked for me! Last week I made sure I was out of the house/away from the kitchen until 6-10pm, inducing a 20-24 hour fast for three days in a row. It also meant it was much easier to avoid my weaknesses: butter, cheese, nuts - which I'm sure was a contributing factor.

    I didn't lose much scale weight, but there was a significant change in my ever-present belly fat bloat! Unfortunately on Day 4 I was around a kitchen and couldn't keep to it, but I fully plan on getting into the habit next week.

    Try it for a week. If it doesn't work, ditch it!

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    If I can steal the thread for a few seconds...=)

    Quote: "If it doesn't work, ditch it!"

    Is it in any way bad to eat in terms of IF as your regular meal-routine? I too wants to loose some body fat, but I have found that eating from specific times, when you IF, really helps me with my feeling that I have to stay so disciplined in order to eat "right", and not too much. Eating bigger, fewer meals feels much better than eating normal, or smaller, meals more often. I become a little obsessed by food, but when I IF I totally forget about it and therefire become less hungry.
    I dont watch the clock "Ok, in a few hours it will be ok to eat, hope I didnt ate too big meal last time, what should I eat now?"... When I for example planned for the day to eat one big, satisfying meal late, like in the afternoon only for the day, I dont think of food at all and if I do I feel confident I can eat how I feel and still dont get too many calories or badly balanced in terms of nutrients... I know Im over-thinking but I do my best. Im bad at eating little food, Im good at eating nothing.

    Would be very nice with some advice, or an example of a good IF-scheme for regular use. Or similar experiences and successes. Thanks!
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    IF may help in a number of hormonal ways but also to create a caloric deficit unless you completely over-eat during eating window. You could instead cut daily calories if they are high.

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    I've done a bit of IFing to try and break through a plateau, but I'm not sure I'm doing it just right and maybe that's why I always lose and regain the same 2.5lbs. Generally, I'm not organised about my approach to IF. It tends to take the form of - I can't be bothered to make a packed lunch for work and skip lunch altogether. The same goes for skipping breakfast or dinner. I've got 2 inches from my belly that I'd dearly love to lose and I'm getting frustrated now. I've been doing RKB a few times a week plus IFing as described above here and there during the week.
    The weekends tend to be a bit more difficult. I tend to have late nights out (without alcohol most of the time) and eat later in the morning and often just one big meal for the whole day. I don't feel like I eat more during the weekends than I do during the week, but by Monday I'll have gained the 2.5lbs that I lost in the week....and by Friday I'll have lost it again.
    How can I structure IFing into my routine better to break through this plateau? I feel so close to exactly where I want to be, but so far as well..

    5' 5"
    BF% about 25

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    RezH seconded and more:

    Since you are fairly active and open to experimentation, I would suggest to push a little further in order to actually see results in the mirror and motivate yourself. That is, do daily fasts for at least 3-5 days. By daily fast I mean not eating from dinner to dinner (basically, a little less than 24 hour fast). It can be tough but it's not THAT tough or hard.

    Start with a day, if it isn't unbearable, repeat the next day, strive for at least 3 in a row.

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    Thanks rezh & trippplez

    I will give that ago dinner 2 dinner. I think I will be fine with that for three days. I have gone longer without food unintentionally!!!
    Motivation is great.


    @ Aamonty: the clue might be late nights and drink!!!

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    IF'ing isn't magical...

    It's very simple: calorie restriction.

    Calorie restriction. Eat less, lose weight. Don't go overboard.

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    Ok I have done 3 days of dinner 2 dinner IFing and I have dropped another %1 BF. I enjoyed the IF and did it with no issues at all, so for the next 7 days I will build in a 16 hr daily IF pattern, approximate 2100 - 1300hrs and I will do below 100gm carbs daily for that period and see what happens? I think my main hurdle to the last of my fat loss has been fruit? As I eat a hell of a lot!!! so no fruit for 7 days.

    Update in seven days... Current BF 11%ish

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