Hi all, I am just after a bit of advice. And to use your expeirience as a soundboard.

I am a 42yr old male I am very active sports/weightlifting/Mountainbiking/Trail walks & MOVNAT stuff. I have always eaten primal/paleo even though it didn't have a name back then. However around three months ago I came across Primal blueprint and decided to ramp up my nutrition to the next level. I have always been fairly muscular and have fluctuated between 8-15% BF most of my adult life.

I have recently hit a plateau on the way towards my BF goal of 10% I am stuck at 12%ish and I was wondering if including 7 days of IF into my routine would overcome this sticking point as I have never deliberately used IF before as a nutritional manipulation tool.
My idea was to: IF from 2000hrs - 1300hrs for 7 days. I always train before 1300hrs on a normal working week. I do an 8 mile cycle commute to work also.

I am 82kgs (180lbs) 5'8" BF12%. physical capabilities range between a 200kg Deadlift & a 17.37 3 mile run. I get plenty of quality sleep and quality of food is not an issue.

Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appriciated