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Thread: 1 Week of IF to overcome a plateau.

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    Calories in-Calories out. Wars will be fought over this! My thoughts are that the 'calories out' portion is the X-factor. We can calculate the 'calories in' to the microjoule, but who can say how the body uses them? Is the excess stored as fat? Pooped out? Saved as muscle? I think everyone's body handles deficits and surplusses differently according to hormonal reponses of leptin, insulin, cortisol, and probably others not yet discovered. It is very frustrating to hear an authority on nutrition say, 'calories don't matter--eat the right kinds of food and your body will self-regulate towards leanness'. OK, then give me an exact list of the foods I should eat and I will never deviate from this list. But it's never that easy, is it.

    I was on a weight-loss roll for several months, then stalled out. Cutting calories didn't make any difference, I toyed with the fat/carbs/prot to no avail. Carbs refeeds were kind of hard to do. Then I started IF'ing about a month ago and started losing weight again. I'm down about 5lbs for the past month after going 3 months of no weight loss. My IF tactic is simply skipping breakfast, eat a huge lunch with little starch and not tracking prot or fat, then an average supper with same criteria. I think I eat more calories now than before I was IF'ing, but I stopped tracking as it made me miserable. I'd like to lose 10 more lbs. But I think I will just keep eating this way the rest of the summer and see where it takes me.

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    i agree with someone before, find something to do outside away from the kitchen, something relaxing and low stress activity level, for me that would be out on the lake fishing, then later on cook what you caught or something similar. also i hear that some tea during fasting works well too, but if you want to truly fast then id stay away maybe.

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    Gaining muscle while maintaining a lean physique through IFing is what the website is about. I've been using the leangains IF approach for over a year now and I won't be changing my ways any time soon.

    I would, however, suggest losing the fruit and finding some other kind of primal carbs because you will probably need them given your activity level. Sweet potatoes are awesome and berries (still kind of fruity) are really good as well.

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