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Thread: Questions about giving up dairy...

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    Questions about giving up dairy...

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    Not butter, though. If you tell me I can't have butter I'm giving up right now. I may even become a vegetarian again. JK...but kind of serious.
    We only drink raw milk and I keep it to about a cup a day. I have homemade yogurt a few times a week (usually in a smoothie) and I eat cheese (usually grass fed and raw) for a snack once or twice (or three times) a day. I really like cheese. Almost as much as I like butter.
    I've been doing this diet for just over three weeks and after losing four pounds the first week (water?) I haven't lost a darned thing. Also, I'm ridiculously tired.
    Can I give up milk and cheese (oh God!) without giving up butter and still reap benefits from it? What about yogurt? Is that as bad as milk for weight loss? What about raw cream? Is that a better choice than milk? I'd gladly substitute that for milk in my smoothies.
    Another thing is that I'm coming from WAPF and they recommend pregnant women drink a quart of raw milk a day. I'm not pregnant but we are planning on trying next month.
    My main concern is losing as much weight as possible before getting pregnant and getting through this foggy exhaustion that has overtaken my body since starting this diet.

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    Butter seems to be okay if used sparingly. But I would stay away from everything else for a couple weeks, just to see how it goes. More importantly, though, might be for you to nix the snacking, no matter what you eat for said snacks.
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    I lost 10 punds initially on this diet and then when I plateaued I got really frustrated and calculated what I was eating. I was eating about 3000 calories a day! Did I mention I am currently disabled and cannot do ANYTHING physical? Omigosh! Way too much food. I wouldn't say you have to cut out dairy but maybe figure out where you should be cutting back. For me it was using a lot of extra fat in things and tons of cashews (on cashew days it was more than 3000 calories). At my non-existent activity level, 1400 calories a day is good for me.

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    This isn't a 'diet'. This should be for life. Otherwise, you'll lose weight, go back to your former ways, gain it all back, rinse and repeat.

    I'd advise you to keep a food journal, write down everything you stick in your mouth for about a week. That will help you assess the changes you need to make. You don't have to give up cheese completely, or butter, but try to use a bit of moderation. And I agree with Grumpy Caveman, ditch the snacking.
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    "Meaning of Diet: Course of living or nourishment; what is eaten and drunk habitually; food; victuals; fare."

    The problem is we say "going on a diet" and the meaning attached to it is that its just for the short-term.

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    I still eat grass-fed cheese. I love it and it's high-fat, so I'm just keeping it inside my diet.
    Milk is another story, I don't like it as much, plus it's got casein carb in it, which my body handles less well than the lactose.
    I don't make it a big staple, but I just keep it in, because I like it.

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    I really do not think there is anything magical about cutting out dairy. This actually is a case where you DO have a genetic mutation that is different from primal woman. Also, I'm not on the raw milk bandwagon Especially if pregnant / trying to be pregnant / could be pregnant.

    I suggest getting on one of the free calorie trackers such as and tracking your calories. There is nothing about this nutrition plan that necessarily keeps you from overeating.
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    I've seen this topic come up a few times, but haven't been able to find why... if you aren't lactose intolerant, why would you cut dairy? I'm under the impression that you can actually reap benefits for intestinal flora from yogurt, cheese is tasty and relatively clean, even cottage cheese is a clean, cheap protein source.

    So what gives? Why obsess and fret and be concerned over dairy?

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    You can replace your butter with ghee (it's clarified butter). It has a very nutty taste. You can replace milk with coconut milk. If you use cream in your coffee, try coconut crack creamer:
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    Giving up dairy is almost like the portal to "hardcore primal." It's mainly for people on the plateau. If you post your daily intake, we might see another problem with your diet that isn't necessarily the dairy. Although, I would advise giving up the milk and the yogurt ASAP--too many carbs! Most primal people cling to their cheese until they hit the plateau--I am. Cheese has zero carbs; it's pretty much entirely fat. Woo! You'll find giving up milk and yogurt isn't that difficult. Go entirely water and find other snacks than yogurt. As for the butter, most primal folk cling to their butter even after they hit the plateau. I've seen many success stories from butter lovers, but seen what works for you. Butter is fine IMO; I don't eat it though. Never have except back when I ate bread.

    If you could, please post your daily diet (maybe yesterday's), eating habits (regular times you eat, including snacks), and exercise habits. Nutritional deficiencies and excess stick out like a sore thumb to the PB community. Maybe we can help you out.

    As for being pregnant, I'm a long way away from being pregnant (18), but I think I would go back to a CW diet during my pregnancy. Doctors may not know much about proper nutrition, but they know how to deliver a healthy baby. I'd listen to them for at least 9 months. You may want to talk to other primal pregos though since my advice isn't exactly ideal in this situation.
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