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Thread: Emergency food supply

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    Emergency food supply

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    Some time back, I put together a 3 month supply of canned goods and distilled water in order to have emergency supplies in case of a catastrophe. Since going primal, I went back and reviewed the contents of that supply and was appalled at some of the choices. Rather than recount the specifics, let's just say that I have to eliminate about half of it.

    So, here is the question: how can you put together a reasonably balanced emergency food supply while remaining pretty much primal?
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    canned salmon, tuna
    protein powder (I don't use this, but seems like it might work in a pinch)
    jerky, nuts, pork rinds, dried fruit

    hmm... this is tough if most of your diet is fresh produce and/or requires a freezer!
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    Living in earthquake country, I keep a few summer sausages in the back of my pantry just in case. That's in addition to my regularly rotating stock of canned tuna, protein powder and preserved veggies. And of course, a 3 day supply of water, a manual can opener, candles/flashlights and my first aid kit.
    Honestly, I think if push came to shove most of us would eat beans or rice or whatever. (I'd stay gluten free though, I can't help out in an emergency if I'm hanging out in the "outhouse" the whole time)

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    I have coconut milk, canned fish, canned veggies, dried fruit, nuts/seeds, and nut butter. We also grow a garden and have chickens and beef.

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    Don't forget that your fridge and freezer will keep food cold for quite a while as long as you keep the door closed as much as possible.

    Yeah, I grew up in earthquake country too. It's just something you deal with.

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    Dig a well. And a root cellar.

    1. A stack of spears.
    2. A book of recipes for common household pets (puppies, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc).
    3. A deep chest freezer.
    4. A generator to run the freezer.
    5. Plenty of diesel to run the generator. (research how long diesel lasts in closed containers)
    6. Plenty of frozen fish, fowl, and hooved critters packed in said freezer

    Smoked and jerked meat, dehydrated veggies, bags of white rice (not primal, but in an emergency), canned meat, canned veggies, a good supply of root veggies. Gallons and gallons and gallons of water.

    Coleman fuel - lots of it - to go with your Coleman grill.

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    I have
    grocery store variety canned meats, lots of different kinds (tuna, chicken, salmon, beef, etc.)
    grocery store canned veggies
    grocery store canned fruits
    dry beans (variety)
    rice (variety)
    and yes
    flour, sugar, powdered eggs, etc.
    If no one else has food, they can eat what I usually don't
    I'm sure in an emergency I'd eat my share of bread and biscuits
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    Three months!? Sheesh, if something that catastrophic happens, I think food will not be the problem... It won't even take that long to load up the Space Ark and leave Earth...

    There is a Space Ark.... Isn't there?

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    there's a thread somewhere around here called "caveman cache" with a lot of great ideas. keep your non-primal food stores. they can be of use to others, or yourself if you run out of the good stuff. donate it to a food bank right before it expires.

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    I just switched to primal and I was wondering this same thing! I think I'll just start stocking up on the stuff people mentioned above. I do have quite a bit of standard storage food but I won't get rid of it, because it would be better to have it than nothing at all. And if nothing else, it will be a good chicken feed.

    One of my goals is to get to the point where I don't have to concern myself with that. As in, be living on the land and raising my own meat, veggies and fruit. It's a slow process but we'll get there.

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