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Thread: Primal Chaos: Mike Gager's Primal Journal

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    Primal Chaos: Mike Gager's Primal Journal

    I have just started the Primal way of living this week I figure I better get a journal started.

    A little about me..

    My name is Mike and I am 36 years old.

    My weight at the beginning of this week was 393 lbs. However much to my luck I happen to be 6'5"

    I have this idea in my mind of what I look like and I guess it's kind of a warped sense of reality as I dont feel like I am obese and I dont really feel like I am tall. I have short legs and a long torso so I guess having my upper end stretched out makes me feel less fat or something, I cant really explain it. It's only when i see myself in pictures that i realize how overweight I really am. Quite depressing really.

    Anyways I have been big ever since I was a kid. I have always struggled with my weight but it wasnt til about 8 years ago that I really did anything about it. I happened across low carb dieting, atkins speciffically and it seemed like a natural thing for me so i gave it a try. I was close to 400lbs when I started the diet and about 12 months later I was 250lbs. Nearly 150lbs lost in less then a year simply by changing the way I ate. I didnt do any extra exercise that whole time, it all was because of the food. It was awesome. One of the best parts was girls started paying attention to me which led to me meeting my wife.

    Ok so now you say, so what happened? Well id like to say everything continued on as was but the thing about dieting, be it low carb, low fat, whatever, is that once you stop doing the things you are supposed to and go back to your old ways the pounds come back with a vengence. Within a couple years I was right back where I began. I gave atkins another try and lost around 60lbs in about 3 months then lost interest again with predictable results. Flash forward to early 2010 and all of a sudden I am having chest pains walking across the parking lot at work. Doctor runs all kinds of tests, nothing really seems out of whack except of course my blood pressure, which at the time was something like 200 over 130. The doctor put me on blood pressure meds and withing 2 days I felt like a totally different person. My blood pressure was back to acceptable ranges (120 over 70) and the pain in my chest disappeared. I guess you could say I had an awakening that I needed to do something about my weight while I still had a chance. I went on a restricted calorie diet and actually lost about 50lbs in 3 months. I also started riding a bike almost daily throughout last summer.

    Well once winter hit, it was to cold to ride and I didnt pick up any other type of exercise program. Add to that the fact I stopped counting calories and here I am once again at the upper end of the 300s.

    So Now here I am writing this after stumbling across Marks site and learning as much as I possible can about primal eating, which incidently, is not much different then the low carb WOE i used in the past. Hopefully I have as much success this time.

    As for this journal, I hope to use it to document my "journey" (oh how that word bugs me) I'll try not to bore anyone
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    Primal Chaos
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