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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Variance)

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    Hi all,

    I've been "practicing" being primal for a few weeks now, and I'm ready to dive in with a 30-day challenge. I know the holiday season might seem like a weird time to try this, but I figured that there will always be social pressures against primal eating so why not now?

    A little back story: I used to be very much in the low fat, low protein, carboholic, runoholic camp. A weight gain brought on by emotional eating and an injury brought on by running to eat caused me to really re-evaluate what I was doing. I decided to focus on 5k running and went on a lower carb diet. I had moderate success at each- I improved my 5k PR by about a minute and lost 8lbs and 4 percentage points of body fat. At 5'4" (I'm a woman) I went from 130lbs to 122lbs and 25% BF to 21% BF.

    I realized (surprise!) that cutting back on starches really worked for me and that short fast running was way more enjoyable than slogging through long runs. So here I am, taking what I feel is the logical next step.

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    AM workout: run with sprint ladder (1min, 2min, 3min, 3min, 2min, 1min)

    PM workout: (I go crazy if I don't move around a little bit after sitting on my butt all day at work) 25 min power yoga

    B: Omelet and banana

    L: Gigantic salad

    S: (If needed) Apple, almond butter, salami

    D: Roast pork with tomatillo salsa. Mixed veggies cooked in butter. Salad.

    Things I know will be a challenge:

    4 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter.

    Not feeling "satisfied" with breakfast. I was an oatmeal eater for a long time, and I'm feeling a psychological hunger for it in the morning.

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    Well, I didn't make it without eating the cookies on Tuesday, but I was totally grain free yesterday. I probably ate too many carbs from fruit, etc, but at least I got through the whole day eating primal foods.

    I'm feeling a little "off" today, but that may have everything to do with work stress and nothing to do with the diet.

    Here's the plan.

    Workout: Run with sprints, a little power yoga

    B: Omelet with cheese, banana

    L: Huge salad

    S: Apples and almond butter

    D: Beef stew with carrots and parsnips

    I put everything in fit day and realized I'm pretty high on carbs and low on protein (fat's okay, though, mmmmm) so I need to work on that. No more bananas after this week should help.

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    Still going strong with the primal foods, but struggling with getting enough protein and not too many carbs. I was hesitant to plug everything into Fitday because I've never been much for calorie counting, but it's been illuminating. I also need to cut back on dairy (I've been having cheese on my salad and in my omelet). I'm going to cut out the banana this week and add a protein drink made with whey powder and unsweetened almond or coconut milk at lunch time and see how that goes.

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    Fell off the wagon a bit over the weekend, but I'm ready to go this week. I think I've addressed my protein/carb problems, and I'm feeling pumped up. I'm NOT going to gain weight this winter. Especially after I found out how much trouble it was to lose it.

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