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Thread: Seizures, epilepsy, and a natural solution

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    Catparade, I'm so sorry. Yes, the booze, caffeine, and all fake chemical additives such as MSG, fake sweeteners, etc. have got to go. I think cutting the carbs back to serious ketosis is also a good idea.

    Just for an update. I have been able to reduce my Phenobarbitol by 25% while having 0 seizures as long as I stay in ketosis most of the time. I'm hoping to cut back a bit more soon.

    So, use the meds to get stabilized, then get a good long term keto eating program down cold, zero cheats. Maintain that for a while until you feel ready to back off the meds.

    Ketosis really is medicinal to those of us who have these weirdly wired brains. But remember that keto is not just about cutting the carbs but also about having enough fat in the diet.

    I've been adding MCT oil lately. It is supposed to be highly ketogenic.
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    I'm curious if there are any updates for this thread, for those with seizures? Are you dilligent with keto diet?
    Here's my update..i had my first seizure in 2006 at age 27. The seizure occurred one day at work, i hadnt eaten all day and only had coffee, I remember feeling awful and the next thing I remember i woke up in an ambulance. At first I had about one seizure per year but then about 4 yrs ago they became more frequent (I wasn't on any meds during that time, I only started meds 1.5 yrs ago). I also started the paleo eating 1.75 yrs ago, and paleo helped me lose some weight and the annoying constant brain fog I had.
    I've been stable for the most part, do get monthly dizzy spells (partials?), but no grand mal lately. Just curious...

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