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Thread: Cassava in a primal diet

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    Cassava in a primal diet

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    I have many friends over here that are from Sudan. One of the staples of their diet is Cassava made into a doughy type food they call "fufu". According to what I have found it is a gluten-free natural starch. To me it is pretty tasteless and they use it like we use biscuits in the South to sop up food. Anybody have any experience with this stuff? Looks pretty versatile to me.

    I don't plan on making it a regular part of my diet but when I eat with my Sudanese friends, it is always there.
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    Casava is also used extensively in Cuban cooking. There is a little Cuban restaurant nearby that serves it mashed as a side dish and also sells casava chips by the bag. A bit too high on the carbs for me as a staple, but a nice occasional treat. It's a root so it qualifies as primal the same as a parsnip I would say.

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