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Thread: Diet to increase muscular size

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    Diet to increase muscular size

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    Hi guys.
    Im currently doing very high intensity training routines on a weekly basis.Very similar to Mike Mentzer's routines on youtube. Im continuously upping the weights and times.I hear many different variations of diet to help build muscle. Having listened to marks seminar I've started a high fat and protein diet. with limited carbs.I've stripped a lot of fat but am concerned muscle development is suffering.Obviously there are many ways in which body builders diet and supplement. eating 12 eggs a day or 6 small meals over a day.or 3 larger ones? I just wondered what you guys would suggest would be the best way of eating to take this training to its maximum. keeping body fat down and gaining muscle. With keeping my long term health in mind

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    How old are you? That will affect muscle growth a bit. Maybe try upping the carbs a little? Especially after routines.
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    There really isn't one, well maybe a raw diet, never tried it. Get adequate protein (.7-1g per lb of lean body mass). Use timing of protein and carbs post workout to your advantage. At some point you will need to eat a calorie surplus(if you don't have one right now) to pack on additional muscle.

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    Im 26. i lost just under a stone in 4 weeks on this diet. No real noticeable muscle loss but no gain either.thanks for the reply's

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    Do you want the quickest way to gain muscle or do you want to gain muscle slowly while keeping bf% at a constant?

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    Once im happy with how much b/f ive stripped i would then be looking to gain muscle whilst maintaining a acceptable level of b/f. at the moment im happy doing it gradual,more for general fitness than instant up for experimentation . What do you suggest?

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    Funny as I started eating raw the the other day. I started lifting a short time ago (again) and had read about early body builders eating raw milk, and eggs and some meat.

    Natural Body Builder Joshua Trentine swears it does his body good (large gains).

    So this is a test for me. If I eat raw eggs, beef, milk for a while and it does not seem to net me great gains than I would be pretty comfortable saying that diet is not a huge deal. I guess we have to wait.

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    GOMAD. Forget about the idea of building significant muscle without adding a little bodyfat - you've already said that you've stripped fat without any problems in the past so just get your calorie count up, add some muscle and bodyfat and then deal with it later on.

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    If your BF is 12% or lower, do a leangains recomp. If you are 10% or lower, just do a straight bulk. Which means 200g+ of clean carbs before/after weight training. Eat low carb on rest days and you shouldn't put on too much fat.

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    its about 10% now. your right for adding in carbs. Would you stick to 3 larger meals a day or increase it to four or five smaller portions. ?
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