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    Girls night out

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    Have a big girls night out coming up and kind of feel I'll be expected to drink alcohol at it ( and would enjoy some) but I still want to stay as Primal as possible without messing up my routine, so I'm just wondering what would be the best possible drink to drink if I'll be drinking more than a glass or two? I normally would drink a light beer, bacardi and coke or white wine? To be honest I'll find it easy enough to avoid the temptation to eat the chips and other snacks that will be provided but less easy to avoid the alcohol!

    Any suggestions?

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    House margarita!
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    Good question Jammiedodger, looking forward to the answers you'll receive.
    If I was drinking, I'd either choose to just go with the wreckless abandon route and have a fun night and then carry on the next day or to choose the drink that has the least amount of sugar content and limit myself to a couple if I was keeping to my goals.

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    Vodka soda with a lime. No sugar

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    I've been drinking vodka and soda with a lime or lemon wedge, NorCal margaritas, or red wine most times I go out, with hard cider now and then because I love the stuff.
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    I mostly drink wine these days to stay (reasonably) primal, though I do have a beer from time to time. I've never really been much of a mixed drinks fan, but cutting back on the beer has been more of a challenge (not that I'd have more than 1-2 a week most weeks, but there are certain times/places where I'd just rather have a beer than wine).
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    In my dream life, margaritas would be health food and definitely primal.

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    I can be so anal about what I eat/drink. If anybody can be a food nazi, it's me.

    I say...

    Screw it. If you're going to have a good time, have a good time. Be reasonable and don't gorge yourself on useless sugar, but if you want a cosmo, have a cosmo! I prefer a sweet red wine usually, but sometimes you just need something girly, and fruity and fun.

    Enjoy yourself. It's what life is for.

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    If you're trying to stay low carb then choose clear liquors like gin or vodka or tequila and mix with a diet soda like diet 7up, diet coke, or diet tonic.

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    #1 choice is wine
    #2 is margarita (in spite of the high sugar content)

    Stay away from vodka drinks if you (like me) have any sensitivities to wheat (most vodkas are grain -- wheat -- based now). Only the better brands tend to still be potato-based.

    Of course, the BEST thing overall is to be prudent and not OVERDO it. As cliche as is sounds: Drink Responsibly.
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