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Thread: Handstand technical question

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    I look slightly forward, which will unfortunately lead to extending the neck a bit. Problem is I got a lot of moles digging in my yard and have to watch were I step....errr hand. I can do about 30 steps with a full 180 half way to turn and come back. Its fun, but since an injury (non handstand related) I dont do it quite as often as I use to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Crap....thanks for making me spend more I want a set of rings!
    This is an investment, so don't skimp - treat yourself instead. Rings will last forever unless you're absolutely careless, so even something as high as $80 or so is basically nothing for such a great tool. Personally I have a pair of the Rogue Fitness wooden rings and love them, my ONLY complaint would be the length of the straps, I find them a little short but they work just fine for my purposes. You can buy the wooden rings separately (wood = more friction, less slippage or need for chalk/etc) if you already have straps or want to buy longer straps. Don't get me wrong though, they're not absurdly short or anything at all, just compared to the EFX rings straps I have they are shorter. The buckles are MUCH better than the EFX though and the straps for the Rogue rings are thicker and definitely more durable. Good for when you're inverted, no fear of anything slipping!

    On topic: gaze up and look at your thumbs "through" your eyebrows, your head doesn't have to cock back so that you have a CLEAR view of your hands. Just try to find your thumbs and that's good enough. Opinions vary, of course, but this is so you have a straighter line.
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    you can do them both, alternatively you have your questions answered here :

    Tutorial on how to do a handstand

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