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Thread: Saving bacon fat???

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    Saving bacon fat???

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    We love when I cook broccoli in bacon fat at lunch when I made bacon in the morning, but how do you all go about saving it for later? So you just put it in a jar in the fridge or...? Thanks for the help.

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    i pour mine in a metal bowl and leave it on the counter if i plan on using it that week.

    more than a cup gets thrown away i am afraid. but i dont eat bacon like i used too
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    Yup yup...jar in the fridge. My bacon fat is in a pickle jar, my duck fat is in a jar from roasted red peppers, and my tallow is in a mason jar. I try to keep and reuse any good jar as food storage!

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    Both on the counter and in the frig. I buy meal cannisters with a good gasket seal ( Oggi 4 Piece Stainless Steel Canister Set with Airtight Acrylic Lid and Clamp: Kitchen & Dining). Bacon fat does not go bad for a long time, so I keep some at the ready, and then over-flow in frig or freezer.
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    In a lidded metal container in the fridge.

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    I keep mine in a coffee mug in the fridge...just like my mom used to. I know it's not Primal and I don't eat it anymore, but popcorn popped in bacon fat is a slice of heaven.
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    Bacon fat is one thing I don't save. Bacon, for me, is a condiment, not a food. I'd much rather cook with beef tallow, coconut oil, or lamb fat.
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    I strain it through a paper towel into an old jelly jar and store it at the back of the fridge.

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    S_Jones: Why strain it? I like having all that good bacon flavor. Of course, I don't re-use fat I've cooked something in; just the rendered fat from the actual bacon cooking.
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    Mason jar in the fridge. I knew there was a reason I was saving all those empty jars of Green Mountain Gringo salsa (best non-homemade salsa I've ever tasted, by the way).

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