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Thread: The Final 15#

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    The Final 15#

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    Hello all,

    Here's my second attempt at becoming a contributing member of this community. My frist thread/post left me disappointed. It was my own fault and I know why - because all I did from the day I joined here until recently was read the nutrition forum like most people here do..... and the constant ranting about chronic illness, what cheats are ok for the 20%, all the constant bickering about the latest study - well, none of that is my idea of positive or constructive.

    I recently ran accross the success story forum and found some real inspiration! That an I hit my first real plateau recently - so you could say I have a renewed interest in holding myself accountable here - I need help in losing "The final 15#".

    The following is a paste of my previous first post to get you aquainted with who I am and where I've come from:



    I discovered/stumbled upon PB/PBF/MDA by chance on a duck hunting web site/forum of all places. I’m sure glad I did.

    Ramble, rant and rave? Yeah, well, I can be quite the rambler when I type – jumping around a lot and basically just typing things as they enter my mind. I’m really raving on the inside about all the new information I’m reading in The Primal Blueprint, Primal Blueprint Fitness, and on Mark’s Daily Apple Blog. Rant…. well, I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t being honest…. much of what I have read on these forums the past week has me perplexed. Although I have much to learn about myself, wellness, life, etc, I’ll rant away in the hopes of helping others as I learn.

    Ramble on…. I’m a 41 year old single white male from Litchfield, Minnesota. I was very active as a child. Raised on the typical American diet, yet still lean as a youth. Accomplished high school athlete, exercise science major, former personal trainer, now motivated entrepreneur and searching for anything to make me a better person and human being.

    Where I’ve been physically:
    13 – 72#
    16 – 100#
    18 – wrestled at 108#, 6% body fat
    19 – graduated HS at 125#, began actively weightlifting
    23 – competed in powerlifting at 148#, ~10% bf
    26 – 160# felt over weight, but still comfortable
    37 – 212# the most I ever saw a scale read
    38 – 175# after intense cardio and CW dieting
    41 - January 6, 2011 – 196# after not exercising and overeating on anything that tasted good
    41 – April 1, 2011 – 174# after over training and under eating
    41 – April 2, 2011 – thankfully stumbled upon Mark Sisson and started getting Primal!

    Today - 4-22-2011 – 5’ 7”, 169#, I’d guess that I’m somewhere around 18% body fat…. and on my way to being mentally, physically, and spiritually superior to any other time in my life – and it will be in no small part due to getting primal. Can I get a Primal Scream?!?!

    Goal weight – wherever I feel the best. Likely between 150-160#

    Other fitness goals – realize my great progress and continue to strive to not over train (I am overtraining greatly still). Continue to stay away from bread, grains, sugar, and bad carbs. Seek out more organic, raw, whole foods. Utilize variety and cross-training in my strength training. Continue stretching all throughout the day. Be able to do 3-5 smooth/clean muscle ups. After watching Al Kavadlo where he did…. I dunno how many he did… but, after 10 does it matter?

    What do I like about getting primal? Not being a chronic cardiopath training in the 85-95% zone! I exercise often, eat great food, avoid bad stuff and feel good… what’s not to like? The Primal Blueprint Laws are great! Eggs, meat, plants and fruits – I love them all and have been educating myself on what forms and types are the best for me.

    Well, I do dislike a couple a things about getting primal – I loathe acronyms! I miss processed condiments – I’d like to learn to make my own. If I ever feel the need to give up dairy… that will be tough.

    I am currently consuming small amounts of cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, milk and butter.

    I love my ~2 cups of coffee a day, 100% Colombian, very strong and getting blacker by the day.

    I love extra dark chocolate… but, I’m trying not to over-rationalize and thus shatter the benefit to quantity ratio.

    I got some VFF in the mail yesterday – I cannot believe how great they make my feet and legs feel!

    Favorite exercise – planking which is new to me. Most effective abdominal/core exercise I’ve ever done. I love working out in general though.

    Favorite primal food – Hard to pick one thing honestly, but I’ve always enjoyed a good grilled pork chop.

    Wow, I’m feeling pretty good right now… a rant just feels wrong… but hey, maybe I’ll learn something. I was rather surprised to read so many accounts, posts and threads here that talk about chronic illness, diagnosed conditions, disorders, hormone and thyroid problems, genetic injustices, syndromes, intolerances, etc, etc. In hind sight I guess I had hoped to find active forum users here that are more heatlhy and positive no matter where they are in their journey to individual happiness. Hey, I’m glad I didn’t find just a bunch of ripped muscle-heads... but, their just doesn't seem to be many 'regular' people here. What I’m trying to say is if everything I’ve read here so far is real and accurate – these forums have to have the highest concentration of chronically unhealthy people on earth. It seems there has to be more than meets the eye. And maybe some of those that have/had problems with food, weight and wellness(like I certainly have) don’t give enough of the ‘naturally thin’ people credit for hard work, determination, sacrifice, high tolerance for pain, strong desire, etc, etc.

    Wow, after getting that off of my chest how do I transition away from that? I certainly didn’t come here to pick fights or make enemies. I want to learn and grow in a positive direction. And hopefully I have many positive things to add to this lifestyle and community.

    Off to ride my bike… and then to my first organic butcher! Yes!

    One last thing – if anyone has an ear on the sales/marketing team at the Primal Store – I’m dying to get my mits on a Grok On T-shirt in size medium!!!

    Happiness to all,


    Here's the entire original thread:

    I'd like to move past the negative and move forward positively.

    Alright, so today is June 21, 2011 and I've recently plateaued at 160# - and I took some photos!

    I'll post them up soon, talk about my goals, what I eat, my workouts, whats been working and what hasen't. Hopefully this journal will help me stay committed and on track to loose the final 15# to get me into single digit body fat territory. Hopefully I will make a few new friends here - so that we can inspire one another along our journey to being fit and happy!



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    Ok, lets start with some pics. Man, I didn't realize how difficult this would be until you take pics of yourself and then realize you wish you looked better - right before you upload them to post them on the world wide web - lol! I guess I look much better than I did at 212#... and I'm writing this journal to help keep me on track to reach for higher goals - so hear goes.

    The two 'before' pics I'm gonna post are the best representaions I have of what I've looked like for the 10-12 years pre 2011.... seems I was camera shy as a fat ass, but I'm pretty sure I'm above 200# in both.

    The swimming pic is from August 2004 and the New Orleans pic is from February 2007. The bottom 2 pics are from after work today - no pump, but both ab flexed.

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    I just remembered that I had been CW dieting/exercising for a month before that New Orleans pic was taken. Also, I had just bought that shirt minutes before - note the size tag next to my left hand - XXL! And yes, I DID get bourbon faced on shit street that night!

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    Hey! Great job!

    I think I'm a 'regular' member. Just don't ask my co-workers for confirmation of that
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
    CW: 146.8 lbs
    GW 140 lbs
    A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

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    Welcome aboard! I think there are lots of regular folks here. People with particular issues are more likely to post a lot because they have a need. Plus, many of us "regular" folk have had issues we want to share, just in case our experiences can help someone else out.

    I'm 51 and last year I had a bout of hip bursitis and I've had plantars fascitis. Those are not bothering me any more - now I'm working on bunions! But dammit, I'm regular!

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    Ok some Cliff Notes of the above:

    My all time weight high was in Jan 2007 - 212#. I started dieting and exercising again in Jan 2011 at around 196#. It was painful, but I got down to 174# by April, 1 - then I discovered PB/MDA. After transitioning to the PB diet and slowed way down on the chronic exercising - I felt GREAT and lost another 15# by June 1. My diet on PB has been around 1600cal a day - with 45% protein, 40% fat, and 15% carbs. I've since plateaued at 160#. I tried IF'ing the past 2 weeks to no avail. I've also started to feel less energy and more soreness from lifting weights, also more tired and more restless at night. Previous to this everyting was great! I think the low carb honeymoon is over for me. I'm going to try to add more carbs to my diet through veggies, potatoes, rice, and some fruit and maybe cut some fat. I'm not sure where my calories will land, but I'm going to take in my carbs on hard workout days ala leangains. And eat closer to regular PB on off/cardio days.

    That's enough for now.

    Here was my early morning workout:

    Biceps - 8 sets to failure in the 8-10 rep range. Some forearm and calf work - 2 sets each.

    I've been eating breakfast if I workout in the morning - this may change if the higher carbs make me feel better - I may then try to IF until lunch again..... anyway

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and one venison sausage link. 16oz coffee and little creamer.

    Lunch: 1/2# fried hamburger, 1/2 turkey breast, 8oz of fresh salsa.

    Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, hardboiled egg.

    Supper: 2 small potatos fried and 8oz of pacific salmon.

    That tallies to 1700cal, 53% protein, 23% fat, 24% carbs.... hmmmm

    Please feel free to engage, comment, boo, chat or ask questions about anything.

    Help me get lean!!!

    Until tomorrow......


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    Good morning all:

    HillsideGina & Belinda - thank you for your responses - I like funny! Thank you for trying to understand my 'regular' comment. Another way to explain it from my prespective is that these forums have A LOT of great information from experienced and educated people - I just get/got frustrated having to sift through so much complaining/rationalizing/self loathing/excuses/etc on the open forums to find the golden nuggets of info. Anyway, I just need to change my attitude in this area!

    Have a great day everyone!


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    I've learned to SOB those (Scroll On By) - forums about health and diet attract a larger share of the types of folks you're talking about. I don't mind people having issues - it's the ones that just want to whine and cry and are not serious about getting off their butts and changing their lives that irk me. The Debbie-and-Don Downer-Drama Queens, you know. You give them advice and they come up with yet another excuse why they can't move forward.

    Fuck 'em. There are plenty of positive, motivated people here - join us!

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    Rest day. which equals no weight lifting. Gonna ride bike in a while if the rain holds off.

    Felt a little more energy today - I hope it was the potatos talkin - lol!

    5:30am - Coffee and creamer(4.5g carbs)

    9:45am - 1/2 Lavash bread as a wrap(who the hell admits to eating grains on here?!?) with turkey, peppers, onions, harboiled egg, tomato, and 1T ceasar dressing on it.

    12:30 - 8oz baked salmon

    4:00 - 6oz raspberries

    6:00 - 1/2# inverted cheeseburger with raw onions. (Ima be trying alot of Bane's recipies soon I think)

    Random thoughts - I can't believe how much less water my body requires since becoming primal. I'm happy it's Friday.

    U rock HillsideGina


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    Regular here-no "issues" except that I've eaten (and drunk) way too much shit for way too many years. That has finally changed, and I feel great. I don't post a lot because I don't have much to say. I'm just plugging along, looking for positive inspiration from other regular people (like you).

    You have nothing to be ashamed of! I think you look pretty damned good with your shirt off.

    height: 5' 10 1/2"
    2/20/11: 210
    9/19/11: 185.5
    goal: #170

    "Decide what to be, and go be it."

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