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Thread: Grok didnt' need a dating site; He had a club!

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    Grok didnt' need a dating site; He had a club!

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    No offense ladies but after reading all the Grok would/wouldnt/ stuff the thought occured to me as a single man...

    Know for my question. What about Creatine and workouts? Since April ; Ive' lost about 20 pounds but most all of that was before I found the Primal Blueprint site.

    Ive' sorta been on a plateau for the last few weeks eating lots of meat/fish and good veggies ect but not loosing anything.

    Tried the IF deal yeasterday and did an eve workout where I felt weak. The only thing I had was an EAS low carb protein shake with about 150 cals in it untill after the workout where I had chicken and deer roast.

    I read where some say you need carbs for recovery after a workout. How would Creatine be good or bad in this situation. It does seem to be loaded with carbs.

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    Creatine doesn't contain carbs on it's own, but it is often sold as part of shake mixes that contain carbs, usually in the form of simple sugars. You can read about my experience with creatine and other exercise supplements by clicking the link.
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    Creatine works by amplifying an energy pathway that lets you have enough energy to lift a little bit harder, for a little bit longer. As a consequence of saturating your cells with creatine, the amount of water within the cell also goes up. The extra energy and water helps cells recover faster.

    As far as your question goes, I am not really sure what you are asking. First you talk about losing weight, and then slowing down as far as that goes. Then you start asking about creatine and carbs?

    What is the question?

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