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Thread: my meal plan. trader joes rocks!

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    my meal plan. trader joes rocks!

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    i usually eat something like this everyday

    2 scoops protein powder(zero carb isopure, my fav)
    2 fish oil pills
    6oz coffee, 2oz heavy cream(heavy cream makes it!)

    than usually train bjj and crossfit at my gym

    afterwords lunch: 5 eggs scrambled, with trader joes chopped vegi mix(just throw a couple hand fulls of veggies, i woud cut them up but im lazy,and trader joes makes it easy) and usually throw some cherry tomatoes on top with some salsa(trader joes serano pepper salsa=bomb)

    dinner: usually i fire up the grill and make some meat like 8-10oz of chicken,fish,steak,burger, than i also grill mad veggies and throw some butter on them

    evening 2 hours before bed:usually 3/4 cup cottage cheese with mangoes or blueberries
    i have a can of tuna with some mayo,salt/pepper and put it on spinich(kinda like a mini salad)

    and if it was a hard day at the gym i somettimes eat 1/2 bar of trader joes 72% dark chocolate

    you guys think this sounds good?
    i gotta lot of cool recipes for trader joes food for socal people if interested!

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    Sounds good but I know when I train both bjj and crossfit I have to eat way more than that or my performance is ass. As long as you are getting enough fuel I see nothing wrong with it.

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    ya believe me i could probally eat more, but when i do i usually feel a little more slugglish. Im one of those people no matter what i eat ill stay the same weight. but i usually look forward to eating my meals, and i like that feeling of being hungry. After i eat 4 or 5 eggs tho im usually stuffed for a while tho ha ha

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