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Thread: cooking with fat?

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    I was wondering if you count the fat that you cook with towards your daily calories?

    I was looking at the meal plan listed in the book, and did not see any oils listed

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    Counting calories is not really necessary on the PB to be honest. If you want to count calories though, you should count the oils that you cook with. Also, if you are frying it is best to use saturated fats like ghee or coconut oil.

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    We use Almond Oil. mm.. A lot of time, we use rendered bacon fat to cook everything about primal.

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    I would count it, I even log my supplements cause they matter when it comes to the nutrient ratios.

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    I do because I'm looking to have majority of calories from fat (it's a little low now)- so, I put a certain amount of butter to cook my eggs & have taken to making a sauce to pour over my chicken, butter, egg yolks to thicken, smidge of cream, maybe lemon juice & whatever herbs are around....rather like a bernaise sauce...and I count those calories and pass on something else if need be to keep my fat higher.

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    Definitely count it! You're eatin' it, aren't ya?

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    If you want to gain or lose weight, then you'll need to count the oil towards your total caloric intake.

    It is possible to gain or lose weight with the PB.

    It won't magically cause either.


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    hoy...regardless your goals...if you're counting calories then you count what you cook with.

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