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    While it's easy to say 'Grok didn't eat...', it's also because he didn't have the technology available to eat many things that we do. While going Primal is a good thing to do, there's still a lifetime of conditioning and 'good' food to deal with.

    I occasionally crave cake, and today I decided to make this cupcake recipe from Elana's Pantry:

    They turned out really good, even though I burned them. I totally failed at making the frosting, however. But, they were like regular cake.

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    Good on you for trying to make healthy cupcakes!

    My world has gone crazy- at my 10 yrold daughters soccer game on Saturday, not only were the girls given fruit at half-time (traditionally orange quarters but this time water melon pieces), they also ate snakes and cupcakes with frosting (not Primal, the ordinary ones with sugar!)- it was someone's birthday. As if that wasn't bad enough, I haven't met anyone yet who can even see what's wrong with that!? What is the world coming to? Or is it just me that is a health freak?

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    Wait, what do you mean they were eating snakes? hahaha

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    Ooo those sound delicious. Her frosting recipe doesn't look too bad, either.

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    Grapeseed oil. Hadn't looked into using this until I saw this cupcake recipe but it appears to be chemically extracted and high in PUFAs. The attractive part is the "neutral" flavor which will allow the other flavors through.

    Is there a substitute for grapeseed oil? I'm thinking coconut oil might be hard to work with for this recipe.

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    I've made these and they're yummy. The cacao powder REALLY makes a difference than your run of the mill cocoa powder.

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    I hear ya Sussi.

    I hate that people give my kids loads of sugar and grains. If I request that they do not, I am a freak of nature!

    If I didn't watch my kids and let them play in the freeway, I am a bad mom, but restrict their sugar intake and "Whoaaaah! Lighten up mom!".

    Yeah, I'll lighten up, I'll make them HEALTHY treats at home, but instead, I had to watch my husband and children eat tons of carb-laden restaurant food while stood by, helpless.

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