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    Vibrams? Few questions...

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    Hubby and I are going to try some on this afternoon. Can anyone suggest a model for everyday wear? And also how long does a pair usually last? Hubby drags his feet and usually wears soles fast too (he's flat footed) with wide feet, will they be ok for him?

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    I have KSO's and I have been wearing them for a year now and they are still going strong. I am really hard on shoes, but these are holding up well.
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    I've got a pair of Sprints and have had them for nearly two years with minimal ware. They're also easier with getting the toes in compared to the KSO's.

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    I had a pair of classics that lasted me about a year and a half before they had holes in the soles. I liked them because they were airy, but I think I might go with KSOs or at least some model with an upper if I get another pair.

    I'm currently wearing RunAMocs and have some Merrell Trailgloves and like them both. They blend in better than fivefingers and the run-a-mocs actually feel more "barefoot" than the fivefingers to me, but I still liked some things about my VFFs.

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    If he has wide feet the KSO's probably won't work for him. I had to go with a pair of Bakila LS for running and a pair of Classics for casual. Classics and Sprints are open on the top allowing the sides to expand a bit. My Bakila LS's have laces so I can open them to slip them on then adjust for comfort. Even with those options I still had to size up so the toes probably have more room than they should.

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    I just bought the Bikila Lace Ups--you all are such a bad influence! Well, I've actually been eying them for a few years, and I've been hiking and running errands in them and I think they're great. I bought this model for two reasons, first they seemed versatile--you can hike, walk, run, and get them wet. Second, they were the most comfortable in the store. I like the multi-part sole and the soft back. Laces are also good for me because I have high arches. My husband who has flat feet that are wide in the front and narrow at the heel found them to be very comfortable, but he's letting me be the guinea pig before he buys any.

    I can't answer for their longevity since I'm a new wearer, but I think they're pretty sturdy--they don't have arches to break down or foam soles to get damaged.

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    I have the KSO treksports and I like them a ton. They offer more protection on the sole than most models, making them better for all terrain walking, but like all five fingers, they will kill your feet on asphalt or concrete. Which is concrete's problem, not mine.
    I wear flip flops if I'm gonna be on concrete, and get off the beaten path in vibrams!

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    You'll find out when you go to try them on, they all feel a bit different so it will depend on your individual feet and your style. I wound up buying the Jayas, because I like the way they fit a little lower on the top of my foot, so it is easier to coax the toes into the right spaces. I also liked the heel style of the Jayas. They are great for wearing indoors or walking or at the gym. If I were to go hiking though, I'd probably buy a new style since the Jayas don't have a ton of traction.

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    I have a pair of the regular bikila without laces and absolutely love them. I wear them in place of normal shoes and wear them everywhere with no issues / problems...

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