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    I've been following the PB for a little over two weeks (the eating portion, at least), and I haven't felt this good in years. I no longer have sugar crashes, I get up in the morning feeling rested, my sinuses and skin are clear, and I had to move my belt in a notch today. Best of all, I feel like I can live this way for the rest of my life - no sense of deprivation, no weird and costly faux-foods, no endless workouts. Thank you to everyone here for being a source of information and encouragement!

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    Hey, Plaid Dad, congratulations for doing so well! It's an amazing feeling to move that belt a notch, knowing that it's been effortless, no, actually pleasurable! I've only been doing this 3 months, so I'm new, too, but please let me extend a welcome from one newby to another!

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    Great job Plaid Dad! And yes, you can live this way for the rest of your life. The biggest drawback with the PB is financial...all the new pairs of trousers! ;-)

    Best wishes

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