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Thread: Recent vege convert...but now nervous..

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    Hi all..thank you in advance for your help...i'm recently back to eating meet...and i'm feeling SO much better...the truth is, when i eat fruit and veges (as told to do in the paleo diet book), i feel there's a beachball in my tummy..but when i really cut all carbs back, virtually meet only, i feel MUCH better...BUT - what about proper nutrients from all the brocoli etc etc...shouldn't i be getting more?

    thank you so much - hope you had a great thanksgiving,


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    Hi and welcome!

    First question would be what kind of fruit and veg? Fruit are generally very sugary i.e. high carb, as are some veg.

    There are differing opinions on this forum, but it IS possible to live healthily on a meat-only diet. I believe that it would be necessary to use different parts of the animal though - e.g. making stock with the bones and eating some organ meat. Would this be palatable to an ex-veggie? (I still can't do liver and kidney, but heart isn't too strong and I love stock!)

    Names to look out for - Griff stays very low carb to help with blood sugars, Tarlach isn't around as much as he was but eats mainly meat with veg every now and again.

    Hope that helps!

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    seize, we are technically able to get all the nutrients we need from organic, grass fed meat, especially if we include organ meats in our diet.

    Good quality meat with some varied, big, fresh non-starchy salads should be more than enough to meet all your nutritional requirements.

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    Dya know, I thought I was going mad when there was no sign of the reply I thought I'd written on the duplicate/scarily similar thread....

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